Coalition Announces Launch of Commercial Drone Operator Directory

The Coalition has just announced the launch of, a directory of authorized commercial drone operators in the United States.

The directory was established by Proven, a data-driven platform developed to provide verified information and reviews of consumer products and services. The launch of comes in anticipation of the FAA’s Final Small UAS Rule implementation, commonly known as Part 107, beginning August 29, 2016.

Much more than just a simple directory of drone companies, Proven is a platform where commercial drone companies can showcase their talents and great client lists. Unlike a traditional directory, Proven makes companies prove who they are working with. Each drone company has to upload company details, in addition to listing their clients. The more clients a company has, the higher their Proven Score. The Proven score is a sophisticated algorithm that measures the quality of each client, and assigns a score for that client. Companies must prove they have worked with those clients in the past by verifying their relationship with the companies on the system.

Michael Drobac, Executive Director of the Small UAV Coalition, said, “The FAA’s new commercial rule (commonly known as Part 107) and its implementation will be a transformative time in aviation technology for small and large businesses alike. The impact of this rule will be felt nationwide from realtors and photographers to commercial developers and inspectors. Sites like Proven will help businesses from every industry find reliable operators whether it is for a large commercial development or the inspection of one’s roof. This platform will provide an invaluable tool for consumers eager to hire trusted drone operators as a means of leveraging this transformative technology. It is a game changer.”

The UAV industry has the potential to revolutionize our economy and benefit consumers across the United States and around the globe. As this industry continues to evolve and expand, sites like Proven will become an invaluable tool for anyone searching for drone companies in the US, as they will now have a definitive list of great quality companies at their disposal. 

For more information on the Small UAV Coalition, please visit, contact, or follow @smallUAVs on Twitter.

Elizabeth Ciobanu

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