6 Best Small Business Ideas for Drones

In recent years, the use of drones has been a hot topic in every industry. Every big business is trying to come up with innovative ways to use drones as a way of reducing cost. The truth is that the use of drones has gained massive popularity in the US and across the world.

With this buzz, it’s just a matter of time before our skies are dotted with these buzzing devices. There are now both consumer and commercial applications for drones.

Here are the 6 Best Small Business Ideas for Drones:

For Advertising

While the use of drones for advertising is still in its initial stages, it has a greater potential of being beneficial to small businesses targeting local markets. The drone can fly banners and promotional gifts to promote products without spending a large sum of money. The company only needs trained employees who can operate the drone manually or by programming it.

Besides, the drone can be equipped with speakers to blast promotional music and messages. With other forms of advertising like the radio advertising becoming boring and uninteresting, drone advertising is fresh and entertaining which can intrigue prospective buyers.

Sports Action Shots

The main goal of the sporting industry currently is to take the fans closer than ever. With the drones, cameras can be taken into the thick of the action to get high-quality shots that would suit live television. Rather than having the producer switch cameras to display a certain shot, drones are capable of moving a shot based on the action.

If you’re a great sports fan, you have probably fantasized about getting right in the action during a game. With drones, you can take those insane aerial shots and videos that you’ve been dreaming off.


In the past years, reporters could not access some places to compile reports due to the nature of the locations. However, every situation can now be broadcasted as drones can go to places reporters can’t. Drones film any kind of disasters, accidents and other incidences even in the most dangerous places.

Additionally, in search and rescue missions, drones can be sent to the vulnerable areas to record footages.

Aerial Surveying

One of the most notable technical advances in the field of land surveying is the use of the programmed aerial vehicles popularly known as drones. Once programmed, the small aircraft can take a vivid survey of a land and transmit the information. The drone can gather all sorts of data in a quick turnaround.

You simply need to deploy the drone over an area to be surveyed equipped with every part that may be of use. The scanners used, offer high detailed images and ideas regarding the terrain. The best thing about them is they can fly low and slow to capture high-quality images.

Inspecting Infrastructure  

There is the need for periodic inspection of structures for safety. For instance, companies that operate gas pipelines, as well as electrical lines, need to conduct regular monitoring. They may decide to hire a team to walk along the lines or scale the infrastructure.

However, drones are ideal for such situations because they can get closer to offer a better view of prevailing conditions and easily spot any leak that may be hazardous. Besides, some situations can be difficult or dangerous to access for humans. For example, in areas not visible to human eye, drones can be used.

Aerial Wedding Photography & Videography

Drones take breathtaking photos and videos. Although they are mainly used in landscape photography, they are slowly making their way into the wedding photography field. The aerial perspective is what brings out the beauty of a wedding and the surroundings in a way that photography and videography from the ground cannot achieve. All you need is a drone with a camera.

However, you need an expert who knows how to use drones in aerial wedding photography because they can be unsafe and obnoxious due to the loud sound they produce.


With the FAA finally proposing rules regarding commercial drone usage, you can forget the negative uses of the drones. You can change the way you do business through creative and profitable ways from drones.


By Victor Bertoni 
Victor Bertoni is a content manager for www.bestdroneforthejob.com. He’s a geek, self-described “techie,” and he can be found around the net writing about mobile apps, technology, drones, and all things related! He’s also a dog dad, husband, expat, and foodie.