Need to Make a Drone Industry Announcement?

Drone Industry Insights, the leading drone market research company from Hamburg, Germany, made another great feature publicly available. From now on users of the drone/UAV community are able to make public announcements on the Drone Industry Insights homepage.

“In order to support and accelerate the evolution of the drone industry it is essential to bring transparency into this fast moving market. Today drone companies are well connected but there is a huge gap to other industries. Making it possible for startups to find the right investor and for investors to find unique companies will provide a new level of cross-sectorial exchange.”

This feature provides a feed of highly topical announcements types like “business introduction”, “looking for an investor”, “completed funding round”, “partnership” and “completed acquisition/merger”.

These announcements are categorized as followed: “Conferences & Events”, “Hardware, Components & Systems”, “Hardware, Platforms”, “Insurance”, “Software”, “Service”, “Universities, Institutes & Research Programs”.

The reader is able to filter the required information to narrow down the specific interest to receive a perfect result.

Drone Industry Insights - Announcement Sequence


>>> Make an Announcement <<<

After filling in the form and an internal verification process by the team, the announcement will be published on the homepage, in the newsletter and the social media channels.

Sharing information about the latest activities is 100% FREE and reaches thousands of industry experts and decision maker across the globe.

To see all announcements click here.


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