New Anti-Drone Solution Now Available

While we here at Droneblog are unequivocally pro-drone, there are some legitimate concerns with the use of drones that warrant a little caution. For these concerns, there is an anti-drone solution that has just hit the market: Skynet Anti-Drone System.

Some examples of situations that warrant anti-drone measures include: cross-border drug smuggling, airport security, privacy, counter-terrorist attack, issues related to national security, sporting event safety, etc. While there are other anti-drone measures available (eagles, net-firing drones, guns), none of the available measures are as side-effect free as the Skynet option.


So what is it, and how does it work? We might go so far as to call it a ray-gun. Let’s use some sci-fi language, and say that it fires a scrambling blast at the offending drone, to cause it to leave the control of the operator. The drone, rather than crashing or causing further harm, simply either returns to home or lands on the spot.

To learn more or find out about sample testing visit Skynet.

Updated 9/14/16