FPV Racing: The Ultimate Guide

Drone racing is a sport on the up. But for those looking to get started, it can be incredibly daunting. There are so many drones out there – do you build your own? Buy one? Where can you meet people to race? What are the best kind of FPV Goggles?

We get that it can be complicated.

So to help you make your start in the FPV world The Drone Worx decided to put together the ultimate guide to FPV drone racing.

Getting started in FPV racing

Here we look in detail at everything from selecting your drone to finding people you can race with.


Chapter 1

Making Drone Building Easy

So you have decided to build your own drone. A bold move. And one that you’re going to have to put some serious hours into researching. These resources should help you get to grips with the parts you need and the work that’s involved in putting together the best FPV racing drone you can make.


Chapter 2

Finding the fastest premade drone out there

Building a drone can be very labour intensive. For many beginners, purchasing a premade drone is the best option to get started with. The resources we’ve pulled together below advice you on everything you should consider, and offer up some stellar options for beginners.

Chapter 3

Selecting the best FPV Goggles

Good FPV Goggles can make all the difference on race day, but you’re new to FPV racing. So how do you discover what types of goggles there are and which are the best for you? Below you can check out the best guides on how you can hunt down FPV goggles that will give you the edge.

Chapter 4

Mastering the air

Done built or bought. Goggles on. You’re ready to fly. But hold on, you’ve never taken to the air with an FPV drone before. If you want to be the best, you need to start out by putting as much practice in as possible. The resources below will help you get to grips with flying and manoeuvring your new racer.

Chapter 5

Rules of the race

If you’re going to race, you need to race right. Catch up on all the latest rules in FPV drone racing with these handy resources below. Make sure you read them thoroughly too. You don’t want to turn up to your first race and break all the rules.

Chapter 6

Finding people to race with

It’s all very well and good building your drone, learning the rules, and doing test runs on your own. But when it comes to racing, you’re going to want to have plenty of practice racing against other FPVers. The best way to meet people is to get involved in the community. Below you can check out forums and Facebook pages where you can meet likeminded drone racers!

Chapter 7


You have your drone. You have practiced none stop for months and beat all of your new friends round multiple courses. You’re ready to take your racing to the next level. So where can you find a competition or event near you? Visit the home of British FPV Racing below to check out upcoming events!