Who is Andre from Airstoc?

Hi Everyone! 🙂

I was really happy when the Droneblog asked me to write a regular column for them, but I thought on the first one I would tell you a bit about myself so you know where I’m coming from.

I’m originally Portuguese but been living in the UK for longer than I can remember! I was the classic tinkerer kid that after school turned engineer and all-in-all passionate for all things flying.


Worked as a design engineer for a few years and then started my first drone operating business. I shot images for various TV channels including the BBC. That ran for a couple of years before starting Airstoc which has been my full time job for the past 3 years.

I’m passionate about design, mechanisms, drones, photography, video, storytelling, startups and just about anything that flies.


For those of you have been for around for a while and might be interested here’s what i’ve flown before:

  • 2000. Thunder Tiger Trainer (nitro)
  • 2007. 3ch Dragonfly
  • 2008. Custom built foamie (tape a camera to it and fell in love with FPV)
  • 2008. Ez Star with gopro 1 (first real fpv)
  • 2009. Ritewing Zephyr
  • 2010. DIY Tricopter (D. Windestål)
  • 2011. DJI F350
  • 2012. DJI S800
  • 2014. Racing miniquad

In 2014 I was fed up with never having enough money to take my full scale Pilot’s license so I took up Paragliding. Best decision ever.


Have fun, fly safe