The best FREE Photography course ever

I got into photography from an early age and a bit more seriously when I started my first drone business a few years ago. I’ve got most of my knowledge from online resources and through experimentation, and I’m getting ok at it but there is still much much more to learn, as there always is.

So a few days ago I came across this absolute gem of a course! If you’ve been doing photography for a while it might be right for you as it is very detailed an very in depth (deriving from first principles), so not quite suitable for complete beginners.

Marc Levoy is a Stanford professor and works with google in numerous image related projects.

The course runs for 20 hours spread over 18 lessons.

You can find the whole youtube playlist here with all the lessons or even better here, where they are accompanied but extra materials, homework and even cool applets to play with such as this one.

I’m now on lesson no3 and absolutely love it!