Aerovinci Releases Hybrid, Self-docking Drone

Today Aerovinci released the prototype of its hybrid self-docking drone at DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival. Aerovinci’s drone will operate from a docking station (“DroneDock”) where it will be able to recharge, and store, process, and remit data.

The drone is able to fly distances up to 22km depending on sensors, for a full flight time of up to 42 minutes. It is also capable of carrying a range of multi-spectral sensors. The drone will take off vertically like a helicopter, before tilting 90 degrees to fly as an aircraft.

The release of Aerovinci’s prototype is the first step in its quest to build fully autonomous drone networks to provide services in industries like agriculture, inspection, construction, and emergency response.

Aerovinci will next release its DroneDock in early next year. In addition to recharging and processing data, DroneDock will allow drones to independently determine when to leave the station and begin scheduled missions, by utilizing remote input or sensor and weather data. Aerovinci’s full system will be available to select partners in mid-2017.

Aerovinci CEO Jochem Wieringa said:

“We’re developing this drone to perform long-range autonomous missions, for uses like in the agriculture industry or for inspection of infrastructure. We designed this drone to take off and land from a ground station (called DroneDock) that is deployed on-site on strategic locations.”

“Our drone needs to be able to take off and land vertically very precisely, because it operates from a ground station. It also needs to be able to do long range flights as efficiently as possible. Therefore we combined the vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities of a quad with the range of a plane. Embedding the rotors in the wings reduces drag and increases safety. Furthermore, the W-shape design gives us very good maneuvering capability.”

“The combination of a VTOL long-range drone with the DroneDock allows for autonomous drone operations. There are many use cases where taking the human out of the loop of drone operations makes the difference between non-scalable and scalable operations.”

“We’re developing this technology to become a service provider in agriculture using a scalable network of our fully autonomous drone systems.”

About Aerovinci: Aerovinci is redefining the future of unmanned systems with its revolutionary hybrid drones and DroneDock technology. Its systems will allow drones to fly, land, recharge, and transmit data to end users all autonomously – with no human interaction required.

Aerovinci works closely together with the Technical University of Delft, and is a member of the DAR Group. We are also a proud member of the rapidly growing RoboValley ecosystem. DroneDock will be available mid 2017 to selected partners in agriculture and security.


Sensor Suite: Capable of carrying a range of Multi-Spectral sensors.
RTK Enabled
Wing Span: 1m
All up weight: ~0.95 kg
Radio link range: ~3 km (range can be extended with the DroneDock)
Cruise speed: 9 – 22 m/s (32 – 79 km/h)
Maximum flight time: 42 minutes
Maximum coverage : 11 km2 – 22 km2 (depending on sensor requirements)