The rise of the Drone Nomads

The last few days have seen some BIG announcements in the Drone world.

One by the DJI and one by GoPro.

Both the Mavic and the Karma focus on one thing and one thing only, making it easier than ever to take pictures and videos with a drone.

I won’t go into the debate of which one is better or worse, or into feature lists, but in short both have a very strong focus on size, weight and transportability (both are foldable).

This means this generation of drones are the easiest to fly and easiest to travel with since… ever. Not to mention they are the most affordable drones ever in the prosumer bracket. All these factors are enormous when we look drones going mainstream and the average person buying and flying one.

If I had to guess I’d say that this year drone sales will likely show 100% growth when compared to last year, as they have been doing for the last few years.

So, this leads us down the path of if the best camera you have is the one you carry with you, then these two will for sure allow a lot of people to tell their story, where otherwise a drone for them would be too big, too expensive or too difficult to fly.

Just like it happened with the internet, laptops and digital skills that gave rise to the Digital Nomad, we finally have the tech that can support Drone Nomads. People that travel regularly and live in different places along the way, using a drone as a way to earn money as they do so.

I wonder how long it will take for us to follow, like and subscribe to the first person that actually pull off Drone Nomading. I’ve got my likes ready 🙂


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