Skysense Precision Landing now available

You’ve been asking for it… and now it’s here! Today We launch the Skysense Precision Landing. Your drone can now land fully autonomously on the Skysense Charging Pad, enabling you to run repetitive and on-demand drone inspections and surveys. Skysense Precision Landing relies on computer vision and gives extremely good results with a maximum error of less than 4 inches (10 cm). A really big thank you goes to our customer NASA JPL for inspiring our work in this specific area.

The problem: “How do I land precisely on the Skysense Charging Pad?”
How many times we heard this question and, we hear you, this is the most common problem customers face when they start working on repetitive and unattended drone missions. In the typical scenario, the drone takes off from the charging pad, flies through pre-defined waypoints, and needs to land back on the charging pad in order to recharge. The GPS positioning is not accurate enough to hit reliably the charging pad, hence making it impossible to deliver fully automated charges.

The solution: Skysense Precision Landing
Skysense Precision Landing is a fully automated landing system, installed on your drone, that takes over your landing procedures once the drone is above the target marker. Upon completion of the drone mission, the drone reaches the location where the charging pad is installed, triggering the activation of Skysense Precision Landing. The system locates the target marker and guides the drone exactly above the marker while landing with a maximum error 4 inches (10 cm). The drone can then recharge and prepare for the next mission.

Click below to watch the video!


Developer Kit
The kit comes ready to be installed on your MAVLink-enabled and DJI drones. The package includes:

  • Intel Compute-Stick doing all the magic
  • Industrial-grade Camera used by major computer vision research groups
  • High-end Access Point 2.4 GHz Lan PoE already paired with Intel Compute-Stick WiFi
  • Landing Marker in robust plastic material and design files

The installation is straightforward: Connect the Intel Compute-Stick to a) camera, b) drone telemetry port and c) power supply. Don’t forget to fix everything firmly in place.

Perform your first precision landing demo:

  1. Power On the provided Access Point and the drone
  2. Connect your laptop to the “precision-landing” WiFi network
  3. Browse to http://skysense.demo
  4. Takeoff, simulate a mission and hover nearby the Landing Marker
  5. Click on “precision landing” and monitor the progress

Skysense Precision Landing’s API runs on top of ROS and can be accessed with services and topics over a WebSocket connection. Besides the demo website, the kit includes example code in Javascript and Python languages.