Flitelab: From Part-Time Hobby to Provider of Commercial Grade Aerial Imaging Services

Photo Credit: Flitelab http://flitelabimaging.com/

When Terence C. Gannon thought about launching a new podcast covering ‘dream jobs’, his first instinct was to look to the booming drone industry with its blend of fascinating technology, disruptive applications and amazing results.

His very first interview for what became The WorkNotWork Show was Mark Langille, founder of Flitelab of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

With many easy-to-use drone solutions hitting the market, there are many who are considering channelling their enthusiasm for their hobby into either a part-time or full-time job. Mark Langille, founder of Flitelab, has ‘been there, done that’. He sits down for an extended, in-depth interview where he talks candidly about his enthusiasm for the business as well as some of the less glamorous aspects of the work. It’s an engaging, entertaining and informative discussion and should be required listening for those thinking of jumping into the drone business.

Like many kids, Mark got into traditional, radio-controlled model aircraft when he was still in his teens. That hobby eventually took a back seat to higher education and a stint in the Canadian oil patch out west in Alberta. Mark eventually made the trek back to Nova Scotia and settled down in his old hometown of Halifax. Soon after, he saw his first quadcopter and describes it as having that ‘wow factor’. He was truly hooked when he realized you could fly one in his backyard and put a camera on it. However, he had no idea it would eventually evolve into the business that would become Flitelab.

The first steps were to become a supplier of drone-related parts that were hard to obtain in his locale. He quickly realized that being a competent and willing provider of information for drone homebuilders was a great marketing tool. As a result, it did not take long before he was approached by local companies simply wanting him to provide the equipment and the service to achieve some commercial objective such as aerial images or video. The business simply evolved step-by-step from there. Mark’s job was made a little easier by living in one of Canada’s most beautiful cities with endless opportunities for stunning images and video.

Mark’s initial approach to freely sharing information with both customers and competitors alike has resulted in him being regularly consulted by local, regional and national media. It shows when he’s behind the microphone. He has also been an outspoken advocate for common sense regulation in order to ensure the orderly growth of the business going forward. Mark also has some new projects on the go which will continue to push the envelope of Flitelab’s imaging capabilities.

For Gannon’s part, he feels he has hit the jackpot with the drone industry. “There’s a ton of great stories like Mark’s out there”, he says, “and I’m looking forward to helping to tell a few of them.”