5 Ways Drones Are Shaping The Future

There’s no doubt that drones are making a huge impact on society. Each year, drones are proving to be more and more useful to us. For example, earlier in 2016, drones were programmed to build a rope bridge (here’s the video). While fun to watch, realize that this also has practical applications- it can save lives. In this article, we’re going to talk about 5 awesome ways that drones are shaping our future.

#1: Airmail/Package Delivery

drone-deliveryBelieve it or not, it might not be too long before drones are delivering mail and packages to your home. Most of us already know about how Amazon is trying to make this happen. But they’re not the only ones.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has contemplated using unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver mail. Whether or not this will actually happen depends on many factors. Heck, even Dominoes has plans on using drones to deliver their pizza. It’s amazing to think about how this could become a reality in the near future.

#2: Delivering Life-Saving Medical Devices

You’re walking down the street when, all of a sudden, an old man collapses to the floor. The man has no pulse, so you call 911. They immediately dispatch a drone carrying an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) to your location. Now you can use the AED to potentially save that man’s life! Just a few years ago, if someone was unlucky enough to go into cardiac arrest in a location with no AED, they would have died. But today, thanks to drone technology, drones can carry AEDs and other life-saving medical devices (Epi-Pens, etc.) to people in need.

#3: Bomb Disposal

The men and women who disarm bombs for a living sure have a dangerous job. Fortunately, drones can now be used to lessen their risk of dying. Not only are drones being used to search for bombs that people may have missed, but they can also successfully get rid of them without putting a human life at risk.

#4: Battlefield Reconnaissance

On the battlefield, it can be dangerous to perform mission reconnaissance. Finding the bad guys without getting yourself killed is a problem that all soldiers face. With the help of drones, soldiers can search buildings and towns for the enemy without physically having to be there. The drones can even be installed with thermal technology that allows them to pick up on body heat (making it easier to find people). Overall, drones should save more lives on the battlefield.

#5: Mapping the World

Drones are now starting to be used in geographical mapping. Interestingly, drones can map a specific location using different wavelengths of light. How is this useful? Well, it provides a lot more useful information (crop health, etc.). Similarly, quadcopters can be used to map geological changes as they happen, like landslides for example.

Bottom Line

As with any emerging technology, it will take some time before these technologies are fully integrated into our lives. The good news is that the drone sector is growing exceptionally quickly. Within the next few years, expect it to boom as drones become used for more and more practical things. From surveying crop yields to saving lives and more, the future of drones is going to be a fun and exciting one indeed.

David Gonzalez

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