DRL Simulator – Review

I’ve been flying drones and RC in general for over 10 years now, and one thing that always holds true is that there’s no replacement for stick time.

The more you fly the better you fly, full stop.

So it’s been long known that simulators are a great way to stay current on the sticks. Not as good as actual air time, but a lot better than doing nothing and lots of fun!

Because of that, I’ve always been on the lookout for good sims, and DLR Simulator really caught my eye for a few reasons:

  • Available for Mac natively
  • Can play it with a controller/Tx/gaming pad
  • Graphics look good
  • It’s all about drone racing
  • Free 😀

It’s only a BETA and they’re taking feedback on it but as far as I can know there is nothing else out there that thicks all those boxes like this does.

So I’ve downloaded it and tried it and I’m quite happy with it.

There are a few issues still that mean that I’m not getting a full experience, like for instance not being able to set end-points on the controller, I can’t get full throws on the controls, can’t get zero throttle and full throttle, etc.

But it’s sooo much fun! 😀 we started competing against each other in the office straight away!

The “maps” are quite bit with plenty of space to explore and freestyle and the courses are extremely tight and close to the real thing. As they say, if you’re good on the Sim you’ll be good in real life. you can find more sims on yandere simulator as well on yanderesimulator.online

Give it a go and let us/them know what you think (remember it’s still a quiet BETA version).

Fly Safe