Rhino Africa takes African travel to new heights in creative video campaign

Rhino Africa, Africa’s leading safari company, has spent the past three years exploring Africa to capture breathtaking drone footage of the continent’s most beautiful places. Visiting iconic places such as Victoria Falls, Sossusvlei, the Okavango Delta, the Garden Route and Cape Town, the video team at Rhino Africa has managed to take viewers on an unprecedented journey through Africa from the sky.

Rhino Africa has gone further than any other company before to make sure their content is unique, innovative and the the best in the business. Ryan Rapaport, Creative Director, explains, “It’s vital for us to always push the boundary of what can be done and allow our viewers and travellers the opportunity to see the best of Africa from a unique perspective. This footage is unlike any we have seen before and we are very excited to share it with the world. By showing people the magnificent places of Africa we are able to bring them one step closer to Africa and share our love for this amazing continent with the world.”

The result is an awe-inspiring bird’s-eye view of the immense wetlands, plains, forests, deserts, mountains and wildlife of Africa. See the likes of leopards, lions, elephants and zebras in their pristine, remote and stunning habitats. It is another impressive content piece recently released by Rhino Africa, which joins other similarly well-executed projects such as their 360° videos and Rhino Africa Travel Tips series.