Sky Drone FPV 2 brings Unlimited Range, Low-Latency Digital Video Transfer to Drones

Sky Drone has just released the next generation, the FPV 2 camera solution. FPV 2 from Sky Drone uses 4G/LTE mobile networks to connect the camera to a groundstation app, which receives and displays a video stream. Such transmission is low-latency with less than 150ms of end-to-end latency and can provide HD quality even over hundreds of kilometers of distances. At the same time, a bi-directional data / telemetry channel, allows to pass information like MAVLink from the drone to a ground station (e.g. QGroundControl) and even back to the drone from a ground station.

Sky Drone FPV 2 costs US$699, is available worldwide and comes in two versions: a Europe/Asia and a US version. Each version is shipped with its own modem that is compatible in the different regions of the world. The Europe/Asia version appears to be compatible with mobile networks in Australia as well, for example. So it pays to check the tech specs section to see if your local carrier is supported too.

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About Sky Drone

The Sky Drone team is a dedicated group of drone / UAV enthusiasts that are dreaming of a future of fully autonomously flying drones. Their first product Sky Drone FPV 1 launched on Indiegogo in 2013 and after en extensive period if development and production, it shipped earlier in 2016. The latest Sky Drone FPV 2 product is a much more modular version with a software platform that was built for all data transmission tasks of the future of drones.