Altavian introduces the INTER-NOVA, a Simlat based Training & Simulation system for Nova UAS

Simlat has implemented an advanced integrated UAS Simulator to Altavian.

Simlat INTER-Nova station Sinclair Community College's UAS Simulation Lab, housed in the National UAS Training and Certification Center

November 8th, 2016 – Simlat delivered an advanced UAS Simulation and Training System for the Altavian Nova UAS platform. Simlat’s Integrated Training Simulator (INTER) was customized and integrated to the Nova’s control station – FLARE. The new INTER-Nova training system is fully integrated and capable of producing sophisticated virtual training scenarios with high-fidelity visuals, realistic environments, and interactive situations.

This capability was showcased last August at the live virtual constructive (LVC) exercise in Ohio, organized by the Sinclair College National UAS Training and Certification Center. In this activity, taking place at the National Center for Medical Readiness in Fairborn, a drone was paired with a search and rescue crew on the ground to create real-time virtual simulations for other players, such as aircraft (INTER-Nova included), engaging from two locations in Dayton and one in Israel. (Link to full story)

The INTER-Nova is also integrated to Sinclair’s UAS Simulation Lab, housed in the National UAS Training and Certification Center, that was introduced last year, in Dayton, Ohio (Link to full story).


A Screenshot taken from Simlat INTER-Nova System; FLARE
A Screenshot taken from Simlat INTER-Nova System; FLARE GCS (Left), External Pilot view (Right)

Altavian plans to utilize the INTER-Nova training system in the future to enrich its current training program. The Simlat INTER system is composed of an instructor station connected to a real UAS Ground Control Station (GCS) or Operator Control Unit (OCU) that Altavian instructors can use to provide real-time, in-depth virtual training for new and existing clients.

“This is the first time that Altavian has had access to professional quality simulation for training,” said Thomas Rambo, COO of Altavian. “We have a long-standing partnership with Sinclair as our National OEM Training Partner to provide the most modern and complete solution to our customers. This simulation capability is unparalleled in the commercial market, and will truly set Sinclair’s training program apart.”

About Nova UAV – Flagship Fixed Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

The Nova F7200 is Altavian’s flagship fixed wing drone capable of covering 1,000 acres in 90 minutes of flight time. Fully autonomous and capable of amphibious water landings, the Nova specializes in intelligent data collection in all terrains and environments with industrial-grade systems and reliability. The Nova is designed for integrity and data performance to create new solutions to diverse challenges.

About Altavian – Unmanned Aircraft Solutions Provider

At Altavian, we’re revolutionizing precision aerial data acquisition. We believe that better data is key to a better world, and that we are enabling new opportunities through drone technology. Today, we are the leading American provider of commercial drones with the highest fidelity output in their class. Our unmanned vehicles are igniting a data revolution in organizations ranging from research universities to Fortune 500 companies.

About Sinclair College National UAS Training and Certification Center

Sinclair College’s National UAS Training and Certification Center sits at the forefront of UAS innovation, creating partnerships, developing leading curriculum, and investing significantly to establish a nationally prominent program dedicated to meeting the workforce needs of the growing UAS industry. Sinclair’s UAS program supports research, development, and training on vehicles and components through advanced unmanned and manned simulation, sensors, avionics, maintenance, advanced manufacturing and rapid prototyping, data analytics, and wind tunnel labs.

About Simlat-UAS Training & Simulation

Simlat is a leading provider of next generation training solutions for unmanned vehicle systems (UAS). Simlat’s solutions enable training for any Platform, Payload & Mission. Simlat’s systems are available as stand-alone, embedded/integrated to control stations, as well as customized to specific platforms. Simlat supports over 50 UAS programs & training centers in 25 countries. Frost & Sullivan has recognized Simlat for best UAS Simulation product line in 2016.

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