3 Tips for Amazing Drone Video Selfies on Holidays

A few simple things to keep in mind while trying to get that perfect drone selfie on holiday will make a huge difference in the quality of your shot. Try it and let us know what you think!


Ensure the drone camera captures you square in the middle of the frame. Once this is stable, the concept is you want the drone to move backwards and upwards at the same time. On the DJI Phantom series, this is a soft upwards movement on the left analog pad (to send the drone higher slowly), whilst a simultaneous backwards movement on the right analog pad (to move the drone back slowly). When done correctly, this should produce a cinematic effect of a Pan Out, which when done with beautiful background creates quite the effect.


Background is literally all the drone will see as it zooms backwards and lifts up higher at the same time. Although somewhat intuitive, most amateurs get this wrong as they believe what they see (i.e. frontal view) is what the drone will see in its view set.

On top of this, ensure that the drone camera is facing AWAY from the sun. Like any photography, sunlight into the camera causes too much UV exposure and ruins the picture/video. Ensuring you keep both these rules in mind should give you a great selfie!


Fly where no one can see you. In my many experiences, when you’re seen with a drone you immediately draw a crowd. Not only does this ruin any selfie experience, you’re also more prone to unwanted attention from either other tourists or sensitive locals.

This especially applies in 3rd world countries (arguably better scenery) as a larger majority of locals are unfamiliar with the modern day drone. NB: I include this post being accused of witchcraft in Myanmar. Great times.


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