5 Reasons to Buy a Drone in 2016-2017

If you have been on the fence about buying a drone, now is the best time to take the leap.

The industry is in a very unique place. We’re still in the era of early adoption, yet far along enough that it has gotten many of the growing pains out of the way.

In this article, I’m going to break down five reasons why you should buy a drone in this year or 2017.

Let’s get started:

1. There Are More Options Available Than Ever

First off, there are more options available now that never before.

There are tons of new quadcopter models coming out each month. Some of them are upgrades of old models, but many are brand new, never-before-seen drones. Each of these models and upgrades presents a new opportunity to see what this technology can do.

Also, no matter what goal you have, whether it be to have fun, go professional, or something else, there are multiple models to fulfill your needs.

2. The Price to Features Ratio is Crazy

Just a year and a half ago, you’d be hard pressed to find a quadcopter with a camera that takes 12MP still photos and shoots 4K video. Now you can find multiple with varying features to match different needs.

And the overall price level of these advanced models has gone down.

You can also find great price-to-features ratios on the lower-end beginner drone models. You can find mini drones with FPV capability, and quadcopters for $400 or less that are serviceable as professional rigs.

Now is the best time ever to get the most for your money.

3. You Can Build a Business Off Your Skills

Since the passing of official legislation, you can now legally build a business from your passion.

Many drone enthusiasts have taken their skills, learned a little bit of business knowhow, and are making money of their photos, videos, maps, models, and more.

It’s a lucrative market and competition still hasn’t really settled in. So if building a business is something you’ve thought about, purchase that quadcopter and start developing your skills.

4. There is a Ton of Free Information to Lower the Learning Curve

Thanks to the many drone blogs and forums out there, there is a ton of free information in the industry to lower the learning curve, no matter what you’re pursuing:

  • Which quadcopter to buy
  • Learning how to fly
  • Which accessories to use
  • How to grow your business
  • How to fix malfunctions

And if there isn’t information readily available, you can ask a blogger, a forum, or the manufacturer for help. This drastically lowers the learning curve and the barrier to entry that was present in years past.

5. You’ll Be Entering the Industry in Its Infancy

The drone industry is still very young. There is still a lot to do and a lot to be discovered.

However, it’s growing rapidly month-by-month. It’s an exciting time to be involved, and you can be one of the people who helps to push it forward.

What’s stopping you from buying you first quadcopter? Let me know in the comments below.