The Top Mini Drones for New Pilots

When it comes to beginner drone models, there are a lot of options for new pilots to choose from.

There are larger models, which are great as a final stepping stone before the more advanced rigs. And then there are the mini drones, the smaller, less expensive models that are great for practicing your initial pilot skills.

In this article, I’m going to break down five of the top mini drones for new pilots to learn on. Use this list to find the right one for you.

1. Cheerson CX-10C


Cheerson has long been a staple in RC hobbies. Their CX-10 took the mini drone market by storm and became one of the most sold drones out there.

The CX-10C is an upgraded version of the original. It comes with a .3MP camera for taking aerial photos. The camera isn’t very powerful, but it’s astounding that they were even able to fit it in there.

Aside from the camera, this little quadcopter is really fun to fly. You can wiz around indoors without worrying to much about damaging other items in your home. And it’s powerful enough to fly outside in moderate winds.

The CX-10C is a great quad for learning the initial flight controls.

2. UDI RC U27


This UDI RC U27 is a sweet quadcopter for new pilots.

Most notably, it comes with four propeller guards. This is great for protecting the drone against crashes, helping to minimize the number of replacement props you need to buy.

It’s also a nice size, at a bit bigger than a nano drone. The U27 can handle outdoor flight pretty well, while still being small enough to fly indoors.

This quadcopter is great for training with and building your skills.

3. Hubsan X4 (H107L)

Hubsan X4 (H107L)

Hubsan is one of the most popular brands in the drone world. And their X4 series is one of the most popular models.

The H107L is the basic form of their X4 series. It’s an excellent all-around quadcopter, in that it packs a lot of power for its size, it’s durable, and it’s reliable.

There is also a ton of information out there on this quad, so if you ever run into any issues, there are probably many forum posts and articles out there to help you.

4. SKEYE Nano Drone with Camera


The SKEYE Nano is another really fun quadcopter to fly, and this version comes with a camera that shoots video in 640×480 resolution.

You can control the camera from up to 50 meters away, and the drone comes with LED lights for flying in low-light conditions.

The SKEYE nano also does 360-degree flips in any direction.

5. Blade Nano QX


Blade has put out one of the most popular mini drones in the Nano QX.

With its sleek design, this quadcopter is blazing fast, making it more than capable of handling outdoor conditions. You can also set it to agility mode if you want to go even faster.

The Nano QX comes with Horizon Hobby’s SAFE technology, which helps the drone stay oriented and stable during flight. And it’s small enough to be flown indoors as well.

This is a quadcopter that both new and experienced pilots can have fun with.

Over to You

There are a ton of mini drone models out there, but these five are some of the best.

What drone(s) have you been learning on? Let me know in the comments below.