Drones that follow you


Self flying drones allow athletes to video tape themselves doing things like surfing, bike riding, skyiing, jet skiing, motor biking and many more things. There are several competitors in the market with more and more joining as follow me drones become more popular and mainstream.

I personally went out and found as much information as possible about all these follow me drones. Here is a list of the most popular follow drones that I found:

Lily Camera – Self Flying drone that follows you around

Perhaps one of the most popular follow me drones on the market is the lily camera. It’s a silicon valley creation. It can reach speeds of 25 mph, and stays at a 10 to 30 feet range away from you. All you literally have to do is throw it in the air and it will follow you around. How this all works is basically the follow drone has sensors that can tell when it’s in the air. Of course they activate before it hits the ground.

This self flying drone can take 1080p HD videos at 60 fps. It can also do 120 fps slow motion at 720 p. Also the camera takes 12 megapixel photographs. It comes with a 4GB SD card. Using the lily camera mobile app you can change settings, share them easily, and create customized photos. You can pre order a lily camera at the their website.

Hexo Plus – Your Own Self Flying Camera

Originally started off by a kickstarter campaign. Unlike other follow drones the Hexo+ is controlled just by your smartphone. With an app you can control the entire camera movement of this self-flying drone. It’s fast and responsive so it can detect your movement just as fast as you can move.

The Hexo Plus was created for the action sport niche. It has removable propellers allowing you to transport it easily. The creators do mention that it can take a quite a bit of abuse. The Hexo+ is also fast. It can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour! This is perhaps faster than anything you will ever do. Its speed allows it to deal with winds and your fast paced movement.

Typhoon 4K Follow Me Drone

The Typhoon 4k follow drone is high tech. The watch me and follow me function of the drone allows it to follow you no matter where you go. It comes with a steady grip handheld controller that allows you to view the camera in the air. With it you can control the settings in the camera, shoot videos, and take a precise shoot at any moment in time.

It has a built in GPS system that helps you follow the FAA rules. The advanced GPS in the Typhoon 4k keeps it from reaching a distance greater than 300 feet from the pilot. This self flying drone uses a 3 axis precision gimbal and a super high definition HD camera to take professional shots and videos.

Typhoon 4k CGO3 4K 3-axis Gimbal Camera

The camera used for the Typhoon 4k is top notch. Its resolution is four times better than High Definition. Some features of this follow drone camera are that it can take 4k 30ps/ high definition videos, and has 1080p 120 fps for slow motion camera videos. It can also take beautiful 12 megapixel photographs.

AirDog Follow Me Drone

Another follow drone, this one made an incredible 1 million dollars on kickstarter! You might be wondering about the name why the AirDog? Well due to its AirLeash Technology it can follow you. The follow me drone keeps your camera pointed at the airleash so that it captures your every movement.

Yeah quite punny, but it makes sure that you’re the star of the video. The air dog has many scenarios and its website shows you exactly how the air dog will follow you. The different scenarios that it includes are surf, kiteboard, snowboard & ski, skatepark and wakeboard.

Since no piloting skills are necessary the AirDog is suited for any level of experience. The AirDog is foldable so that it reduces itself in size to be able to carry it around much more easily. It comes with a wearable watch type device in which you can change the flight mode. Quick option selection such as height, distance and landing options are made available by the wearable device.

It seems that follow me drones are going to continue to evolve. I can see them being used in things other than sports actions. They’re very fun to use and suited for any beginner level. You can take some awesome photographs and shoot amazing videos.

Do you have any drones that you have personally used or liked? Leave a comment down below and tell me what you think.

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Guest Post by Mark Briggs