Droning Emerald Lake

Water so clear - almost looks CGI.


Emerald Lake. Even the name itself should preset expectations.

This by far was one of the most exciting adventures I’ve been on, given the serenity & picturesque ambiance of the whole environment.

The waters were crystal clear up to a metre deep, and then shone brightly emerald (as the name would suggest duh) moving closer into the middle of the placid lake.

 I stayed at Emerald Lake Lodge,  a beautiful place by the water, though definitely on the pricey side. Rooms will set you back at least $300 CAD a night. However given that they have a monopoly, not exactly surprising with their sky high rates.

After a hearty breakfast, my girlfriend and I rented a canoe for $20CAD and rowed deep into the middle of the lake (cue romantic music) – where with my drone, shot an amazing bird eye; so amazing that even the CGI guys would be squinting.

Words really don’t do this lake a proper description, so I’ll let the video do it for me. If you want to know more – just ask! Always happy to get questions!


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