Sports Media & Real Estate Put Drone Payloads on Popularity Charts

The drone revolution has caught on and the use of different payloads including high-definition cameras has gained popularity in sports media & entertainments as well as real estate.

Drones have flown in and the future of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) appears promising. The drone revolution has redefined the way technology is employed in various industries and sectors. The range of drone payloads and their applications span across various verticals and create endless creative opportunities for usage. The advanced technology behind payload devices has scaled immense heights and works in perfect compatibility with these UAVs for achieving impressive aerial feats. What makes these flying machines even more lucrative is the fact that there has been a decline in its prices, making it more accessible for purchase by a large number of customers.

Equipped with the next generation cameras, sensors, radars, and communication gadgets, it is a common myth that defense sector is the largest user of these drones. It is indeed true that many military services employ the drone payload equipment for state-of-the-art weaponry drones for aiding in defense requirements. However, the versatility of the drone and its payload combinations point towards a diverse range of applications in other industries as well. The media and entertainment industry reap major benefits by deploying drone payloads in their technical work, thus proving to be a money-spinning investment for product manufacturers.

According to expert analysts at Allied Market Research, the drone payload market exhibits a profitable growth in recent years. It is expected to reach a value of $7,018 million by 2022. This will be supported by a CAGR of 5.5% during the period 2016–2022. This is a testimony to the opportunity the market proposes for a significant growth in the immediate future.

Sports broadcasters: Flying sky high with HD cameras

The entertainment and media industry is raving about the number of ways in which drones equipped with cameras and equipment have made it easier for shooting. Capturing footage with camera-laden UAVs has created new avenues for photographers and directors in their work fields. However, sports broadcasters are quick to catch up with the drone trend and send up UAVs carrying cameras, sensors and telecommunication equipment for sending sports-related data back to the sports broadcaster.

The ability of the next-generation cameras that capture HD images of sport events with high-precision shots of crucial game moments propose an enticing opportunity for sports media. The use of high-definition cameras that are lightweight and compact, as well as aid in relaying of live and clear quality images, are ruling the roost in the market. Manufacturers are developing special payload cameras that can give a bird’s-eye view of the entire sports action on the field. For example, Fox Sports is one of the first channels who has taken a pioneering step by bringing in their own broadcasting drones to the field.

Camera-equipped drones take real estate to whole new level

Another set of customers fast catching up in the market are the realtors. The real estate business is booming at an exponential rate, keeping in tandem with rapid globalization and urbanization. All over the idea of drones, realtors and estate holders have been quick in the adoption of UAVs equipped with cameras and mapping equipment. A drone tour is usually doing the rounds along with property listings. By capturing unique stills and videos of real estate properties, realtors and agents are attracting potential clients with images that project a pretty good idea of the property and its surrounding areas.

Overall, the use of drone payloads with mapping equipment and other technologies will help estate agents map out their property listings precisely on the GPS, with a fair view of each property in its entirety. The drone payload market is expected to witness a major growth spurt owing to the rising demand from entertainment and media industry, especially in real estate.

The global drone payload market grows rapidly in various regions of the world. Keeping in mind the technological advancements in the field, various companies are setting trends with their progressive models and varied used of lightweight drone that can hover for longer periods of time and distances. Green mapping, precision agriculture, telecommunications, and military services are just some of the many fields where drones and related equipment are coming in handy. Technologically advanced nations, such as the U.S., Japan, and South Korea are cashing in on the trend by investing heavily in the best R&D projects for furthering the use of a drone. Emerging countries of the Asia-Pacific, as well as Europe are catching up on the trend, and this has made the technical know-how behind the making of drones even more inexpensive. All these factors are set to propel the market’s growth in the international trade.

The drone revolution could potentially reshape environmental, technological, and commercial landscapes with the advent of time. The drone payloads are transforming how humans use their technology and scaling new heights with innovative uses of equipment-laden UAVs.  

Guest Post by Mufassira Fathima

Mufassira is a content writer at Allied Analytic LLP. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business management. Mufassira closely follows the market insights of the robotic revolution. She has an active interest in analyzing key industry trends and researches and writes actively on the corporate approach and growth trends of advanced technologies.