Start the New Year Right – Get Top-Notch Drone Training


So you found the drone of your dreams under the tree this year – or maybe you saved up for months and bought it for yourself with all the great holiday sales going on. And now you’re wondering how to really get flying the way you’ve always dreamed.

There are lots of ways to improve your flying, and lots of free tutorials and material on YouTube that can guide you as you go. But there’s something to be said for having a planned, well guided curriculum laid out for you to get the most of the online learning portion of your drone piloting skills. That’s where something like CineChopper University can really help you boost your game, especially if you have dreams of taking your drone flying hobby to the professional level.

The creator of the CineChopper University course is Chris Newman, a professional aerial cinematographer, with an impressive list of clients he has filmed for. Newman has lots of on the job tips and know-how, and a down-to-earth approach to sharing his knowledge through high quality tutorial videos.

Course curriculum includes a Part 107 Bootcamp, intended to help you understand what Part 107 is about, and navigate and prepare for passing your exam.

The rest of the curriculum is divided into 5 modules designed to take you step by step from getting your first drone all the way through operating a drone business. Since Newman is an aerial cinematographer, the material is highly geared in that direction, though a great deal of what he is teaching can be applied in other fields as well.

Topics include such things as finding the best drone for you and your purposes, how to travel with a drone (very important with a drone business!), how to create great cinematic drone shots, all about post-production, insurance, and how to set up and maximize your drone business.

A few other benefits of joining the CCU community:

  • Exclusive Access to a Professional Pilot 900+ member Facebook Community
  • Feedback Fridays – where I critique members work.
  • Discount on Drone Liability and Drone Coverage
  • Adobe Creative Suite Student Price Discount.
  • NAB Member Meetup (Pilots get together in the Vegas desert and film Drift cars with their Drones).

If you’re serious about living the dream of flying your drone professionally, the CineChopper tutorial series is a great place to start, and glean from the knowledge of someone who has gone through the whole process ahead of you.