A Spanish startup develops a laser battle toy drone

Cactus Robotics appears in the technology market with Droiko

Droiko is an innovative toy drone developed by a 26 years old engineer from Alicante, Spain. His intention is to show the general public what drone racing is about, because the main goal of Cactus Robotics startup is to make these little unmanned vehicles a reference in competitive and cooperative gaming. Droiko’s main feature is that it can perform laser battles versus other Droikos, in which several players can fight each other individually or in teams.

It stands out by using as accessories the Checkpoints, small boxes used to define the racing track that drones have to follow, to time laps or, for example, to define the bases to defend during the laser battles. This innovation allows users to play in different game modes with the same product. Among all the game options one stands above the others: drone races where players can pick up power-ups and weapons at certain parts of the track.

Droiko is designed for adults as well as kids, because the propellers are fully safe. This new drone is very small and weighs just 50 grams, allowing it to be used and enjoyed in indoor places such as any house room. It is a fully open source product that can be used to teach and learn about electronics and coding. Droiko also offers the possibility of being flown using a smartphone app or using any radio control transmitter.

Being an startup and creative project, Droiko can be purchased online at Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform that helps companies get enough funds to mass manufacture the product and take the startup forward. This crowdfunding campaign offers Droiko for a special price of 79 euros or 85 USD.