Brinc and Incubio Announce the Finalists for Reimagine Drone Incubator Program

Startup finalists will compete to win €50,000 over the next three months

(BARCELONA, FEBRUARY 28, 2017) — Ultra hands-on emerging technology hardware accelerator Brinc and leading big data startup accelerator Incubio today announced the finalists selected for the incubator stage of Reimagine Drone , the first drone services program based in Barcelona. Selected from the initial batch of 10 semi-finalists in the pre-incubator phase, the three finalist teams include SkyDrones, Kapetair, and Poladrone.

SkyDrones – Flight control system solutions for drones and unmanned aerial vehicles. Allows performing of both manual and fully autonomous flights, including various flight modes.


Kapetair – A highly efficient autonomous VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) UAV platform for commercial and civilian applications that can autonomously take off and land on almost any surface, including water. Kapetair drones can also perform long missions, flying faster and covering much more area than traditional drones.

Poladrone – A utonomous aerial solutions and data analytics for agriculture industries to help drive lower management costs.


“While all of the teams who completed the pre-incubator phase of the program have some understanding of manufacturing in Asia, we ultimately selected those showing the most potential to become market leaders in their categories or industries. said Heriberto Saldivar, technical head of Reimagine Drone. “After months of working with such talented teams during the pre-incubator phase, we couldn’t be more proud of all of the semi-finalists who made it this far and hope that we have the opportunity to engage with them at a later stage in their lifecycle. Going forward at this final stage of the program, the selected finalists can expect to receive rigorous on-site training with technical experts and focus much more heavily on manufacturing and polishing their go-to-market strategy. ”

“We’re excited to work more closely with the three finalist teams and have the startups test their prototypes in our accelerator space which sits alongside the Candronomo. With Mobile World Congress also happening in the backdrop, the startups will also have an amazing opportunity to engage with influencers and witness the latest trends and technical opportunities coming from the largest mobile technologies tradeshow in the world and apply to their existing businesses,” said Andres Manso from Incubio.

The selected finalists will transition to a highly customized program offering technical training and tools from Brinc to help the startups successfully build a go-to market strategy and test it under real world conditions. They will also work closely with Brinc, Incubio and its network of mentors to develop a working prototype that will be validated and iterated upon under close scrutiny for the remainder of the incubator program while competing to demonstrate the most market traction.

During the final incubator stage, in exchange for 6% equity the three startups will receive access to the latest drone prototyping tools and technology, €5,000 in financing to cover costs, mentorship from IT, legal and accounting professionals, free working space in Barcelona, 200 hours of specialist’s time to refine execution, and opportunities to exhibit at The Drone Show and attend a tailored Brinc China Trip. The startups will also get the opportunity to network with hardware investors in Asia and meet with the local hardware ecosystem during the world’s largest consumer electronics tradeshows including HKTDC and Global Sources.

The program will culminate with a demo day on May 31, 2017 in Barcelona in front of media and investors. For more information about the program, please visit or contact for more details.


About Brinc

Brinc is an ultra hands-on emerging technology hardware accelerator that supports entrepreneurs looking to unlock the world’s data through connected solutions. We offer a comprehensive program tailored for hardware startups looking for speed, access and the know-how to build successful companies.

With Brinc, founders get access to resources in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta (PRD) with a proven approach that de-risks and accelerates the product development process. The result is that Brinc startups get the best of both worlds: manufacturing in the PRD, access to global markets, all while having a team based in Hong Kong.

For more information about Brinc or our startups, please visit

About Incubio

A business incubator created in the heart of Silicon Valley in 2011, Incubio now operates from Barcelona. It specializes in early-stage projects that offer business processes as a service. They make use of their own methodology, the Incubio Method, to guide entrepreneurs through the entire process of starting a business, from the initial idea stage to building a viable product and accessing financing.

Following the recommendations of the Lean Startup methodology, Incubio provides continuous training to teams to ensure that entrepreneurs have the tools and knowledge necessary to carry out their project. They provide everything necessary for the creation of a company: office space, HR, design, marketing and

management services; and privileged access to mentors and networking. To date, Incubio has created 7 incubators for corporations that have them as a partner in their Corporate Venturing strategy.

For more information about Incubio or our other Corporate Incubation Programs, please visit


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