Up Sonder, on-demand drone marketplace launches nationwide

Up Sonder, the first on-demand drone marketplace for the commercial industry and the everyday person launches nationwide

After an incredibly successful beta launch in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago, on-demand drone marketplace Up Sonder is soaring across the country and ready to help Americans get up and stay up, leveraging Postmates and UberRUSH technology to deliver drones in as little as 30 minutes.

Starting today, Up Sonder will be available nationwide to connect those who own drones with those who want to take flight and rent a drone or a drone pilot’s services. To do so, Up Sonder is leveraging a new relationship with Postmates. “We’re very excited to welcome the Postmates family to the drone industry,” shared Up Sonder CEO Derek Waleko. “Since our beta launch in January, the demand for Up Sonder has been widespread and together with Postmates, we’re thrilled to be making drone rental a reality for all Americans.”

While Up Sonder can also be delivered by Uber in San Francisco, New York City and Chicago, drone renters will now have more options to choose from in how their drones are delivered. For the areas of the US that don’t offer Uber or Postmates, Up Sonder will still be available, however, both the Provider and Renter will have to make arrangements to meet up to exchange a drone.

“We’ve spoken to many of our members in these unique situations and after many conversations, we’ve come to discover that the majority of these members are okay with making their own arrangements to rent their drone or services, or on the flip-side, to rent a drone,” explained Waleko. “This is just further proof of how excited people are about renting drones.”

Up Sonder’s unique service eliminates the hassle of traveling with a drone or spending large amounts to enjoy a quality drone, offering travelers the ultimate selfie, vloggers enhanced content, or wedding photographers a bee’s eye view to offer their clients. Up Sonder members are able to access the marketplace to find and rent a drone or service near them at a cost much lower than owning a drone. For the commercial industries, Up Sonder’s nationwide FAA certified drone pilots can help companies like AT&T, Bechtel, or GEICO better service their customers.

For those drone owners looking to supplement their income by renting out their drones they can do so knowing they are protected by Up Sonder with its $1,000,000 liability insurance policy. Drone damage is covered too under Up Sonder’s Provider Guarantee that will replace or repair Provider’s drones up to $2,500 if the worst should happen. For those renting or looking to provide services, Up Sonder encourages them to buy their own private drone insurance through Verifly before taking flight.

“There is a huge opportunity for people across the country to learn about the power and benefits of drones and to incorporate them into everyday life,” shared Waleko. “It’s impossible to fly a drone and not have fun. Now everyone across the country can try it.” Providers and renters can access payments, scheduling, inventory management, customer messaging, and sales through Up Sonder’s online portal. Drone renters can schedule and make their payment quickly through Apple Pay or other methods on the platform. Up Sonder is leveraging profits and drones to do good in the world by donating a portion of every transaction to its non-profit Up Sonder Life that will start helping under served population in Africa have access to clean drinking water.

Earlier this year, Drone360 magazine named Up Sonder as one of the top five drone startups to watch in 2017. Up Sonder is also thrilled to be currently working with AirMap technology to create the ultimate drone app, coming this year.

Check out Up Sonder online at UpSonder.com and follow the adventures of mascot Sonder the worker bee (Sonder is an anagram of “drones”) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



Up Sonder, LLC is an on-demand marketplace for drones and certified drone pilots, where drone owners can earn extra money from renting out their drone and/or service. Up Sonder launched beta in January 2017 in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago allowing those cities to conveniently search for drone rentals and drone services from providers in their area on the Up Sonder marketplace, all at an affordable price with seamless delivery options through UberRUSH. In March 2017, Up Sonder expanded their beta launch nationwide and announced Postmates technology integration to allow for efficient delivery of on demand drones.