The Hoversurf is a Drone-bike straight out of star-wars!

hoversurf drone bike

We have heard the word “hover” a lot lately—mostly referring to the popular “hoverboards” that don’t actually hover, but rather roll.

Technology that can really make us fly is on its way, however. This company that originally started as a crowdfunding project is creating human-carrying drone bikes that look like something straight out of Star Wars.

What Is Hoversurf?

Hoversurf is a Russian-American aero-design company that has patented the first drone bike.

They have designed a human carrying drone that is unique from other drones so far because it can be controlled by its rider.

They are hoping to have their technology available for extreme sports enthusiasts in the near future, with pre-order already available, but can also see it becoming a form of mainstream transportation longer term.

Hoversurf have also been working on developing a few other futuristic projects.

Their flying drone taxi and a heavy weight capacity drone are forming the basis of the transportation and logistics of tomorrow.

The Hoversurf SCORPION-3 Platform

The bike uses a SCORPION-3 (S-3) platform. This platform consists of 4 propellers in a quadcopter formation, with 2 at each end.

Designed similarly to a motocross bike, it has a motorcycle seat, and the drone is powered by electricity.

The SCORPION is made to be able to operate in even the most extreme environments. It can be controlled either manually by the rider, or automatically from a grounded base.

With 4 open blades and no real seat-belt, the SCORPION technology sounds like it could be a little dangerous.

The flying bike has safety precautions in place, however. The safety system of the flying bike is powered by advanced flight controllers and special computer programming that limit how high and fast the bike can go.

Until now, riders have worn a lot of protective equipment to protect them from the propellers, or from falls.

Taxis and Heavy Lift Drones

Hoversurf might be receiving most of its attention from the media for its hover bike, but its flying taxi and heavy lift unmanned drones are also making strides and becoming closer to becoming a reality.  

The taxi-drone uses a MARK-S drone platform and will be controlled by two systems—one that will direct the flight of the vehicle, and another that will manage booking and operation.

Hoversurf's taxi at CES

The heavy lifting drones will be able to carry between 90 to 2,500 kg:

heavy lift drone

The design operates similarly to the bike, but is operated remotely and able to carry more weight because it has no passengers.

Transportation of the Future, Someday

When you browse around the website, you might think that you are watching a sci-fi movie.

Although it looks like something you could only find in a fantasy world, these inventions are well on their way toward becoming a reality.

The hoverbike already can fly up to 10 meters (close to 3 stories!) in the sky, at 50 kilometers per hour.

The taxis, which are still just a prototype, are planned to be able to operate without any extra infrastructure being built, and with the capability to refill at regular gas stations and fit in standard-sized parking spaces.

Heavy lifting drones can be used potentially to deliver emergency supplies or equipment to hard to reach places, like natural disaster sites. It, like the other products being developed, can change the way we move and solve transportation problems in the future.

These Star Wars-like devices still have some challenges to overcome before they become part of the everyday cityscape, however, and replace today’s hoverboards.

Even though it may be a while until our future looks like these videos, now we know this technology is at least possible, and well on its way to becoming a reality.

People may be riding around on drone bikes sooner than we think!

To be continued …


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