Introducing The Spider Solution: Total Drone Package for Power Line Stringing

Chinese drone manufacturer MMC has introduced a total drone solution for power line stringing, including services by a team of professional drone operators.


Chinese drone manufacturer MMC introduces their one-stop solution for power line stringing in rugged terrain: the Spider.

The MMC Spider package is an innovation in the drone industry, providing not only a high powered industrial drone but pre-sales training; project and flight planning; operation by a professional team of pilots, and full after-sales service.

“The need is clearly there,” says MMC’s CTO ZhiWen Lu. “By offering a total solution, we allow teams that have less experience with drone technology to reap the benefits that drones offer for power line stringing – it’s lower cost, better for the environment, and better for people.”

The Spider drone is made specifically for power line stringing, offering a comprehensive set of features for projects in all terrains:

  • Intelligent drop device, with obstacle avoidance;
  • Longer flight endurance and higher payload, accommodating standard 3mm leading line;
  • Autonomous flight features;
  • Grade 5 wind resistance and a rain resistant, carbon fiber option;
  • A plug-and-play system of interchangeable payloads.

The Spider solution’s low cost and low environmental impact has been used in many regions rushing to provide electricity to remote areas.  With a large team of pilots based across Asia, MMC has helped power companies complete projects across the continent.

The Spider solution’s low cost and low environmental impact – the MMC drone can fly over rugged terrain, preventing deforestation or damage to farmland – has made it the choice of many regions in Asia rushing to provide electricity to remote areas in order to facilitate economic development.  With a large team of professional pilots based across Asia, MMC has helped power companies complete projects across the continent.

Many of the projects completed had been delayed for years before partnering with MMC, due to problems seemingly insurmountable without drone technology. Usually, a workman must climb a man-made bamboo scaffolding to bring the lead rope across the active electricity line,” explains PLN Stringing Expert Mr. Bambang. “It can be hard for our workman to maintain balance on the scaffolding and keep the lead rope at the correct tension at the same time – which means there is high risk the lead rope might drop to the active line and cause a short-circuit.”  With the MMC Spider solution, the team was able to complete the project within weeks.


About MMC:  MMC is a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial drone solutions focused on enhancing productivity, improving work safety and efficiency. With research and development centers in China and North America, MMC provides innovative and cost-effective commercial designs.  In 2015, MMC opened the first AOPA certified Aviation Academy in China.  In 2016, MMC launched the first commercial hydrogen-fueled drone, followed by the first commercial tethered drone. MMC is not only a leader in drone design and manufacturing, but is a pioneer in the use of ecofriendly hydrogen cell energy.


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