MIR Innovation’s Global Breakthrough: Drone With Sensor to Inspect Power Lines

Hydro-Québec subsidiary MIR Innovation is developing a drone with state-of-the-art applications for the nondestructive inspection and maintenance of power transmission and distribution lines.

The company recently achieved a world first when it added the LineCore sensor to its drone. The advantage of the sensor is that it can quickly detect the earliest stages of power line corrosion.

Deterioration of the protective zinc coating of the aluminum conductor steel-reinforced cable opens the door to galvanic corrosion and premature aging of the lines. The deterioration rate depends on ambient conditions. The LineCore sensor detects the thickness of the zinc layer on the steel strands, making it possible to monitor the deterioration.


Drone: Tool of the Future

The easily deployed drone is controlled remotely by a team of professionals. It lands on the line and activates the LineCore sensor to assess the condition of the galvanic protection. An analyst on the ground views the sensor data on a screen and makes a real-time diagnosis of the line’s condition.

The amazingly mobile and extremely stable drone is a tool of the future for inspecting power grids. It is also very promising for live-line procedures.

Thanks to its quick and easy deployment, this new solution from MIR Innovation represents an unprecedented advance in transmission system maintenance.

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