Hangar Launches Jobsight Aerial Project Tracking Software for Construction

End-to-End Robotics and Aerial Intelligence Platform Launches Construction Specific Solution for Project Tracking

Today at Procore’s Groundbreak conference in Austin Texas, Hangar announced the launch of Jobsight, their software solution for acquiring, presenting and analyzing insights from aerial data on construction sites over time. With a user-friendly interface and a suite of processed, insight-rich aerial data products, Jobsight  keeps a visual archive of construction projects for improved project management, communication and processes.  It allows clients to view Hangar acquired aerial data such as photos, 360 images, videos and high-resolution orthomosaic maps of their sites, over the life of a project. Clients can also annotate, share, measure, and export that data for integration into their workflows.


Introducing Jobsight from Hangar Technology on Vimeo.


The Hangar End-to-End Aerial Intelligence Acquisition Platform

All of the technology inside Jobsight is offered without clients having to handle any of the logistics around data acquisition or flying drones. Hangar’s aerial data products are acquired by commercially licensed, fully insured drone pilots using automated drone software technology to safely, consistently and repeatable capture aerial data.  The automation of data capture and processing allows Hangar to offer an end-to-end platform solution for commercial data acquisition for drones in industry, with Jobsight’s interface solving specific use-cases for construction.


What is Jobsight Used For

Jobsight and the data within it is utilized by Hangar clients to manage projects, enable remote telepresence for stakeholders, reduce survey costs, track assets, aid in claims and forensics, track progress, enable safety training, and in pre-visualisation and BIM processes.   Hangar’s goal for Jobsight clients is to minimize needless costs and redundant communication on construction projects with state-of-the-art data points and digitization.

Hangar manages all aspects of data capture and delivery so you don’t have to own any drone hardware, handle pilot certification, service provider logistics, or compliance issues around aerial data acquisition.  Once data is processed and put into JobSight, clients can scroll through all the aerial data captured by Hangar over time for a visual archive of a construction site. This data enables change detection, reduces claim, and improves communication. On individual pieces of data captured on site, clients can use JobSight’s tools to annotate notes, to share with their team, measure distances, calculate area, and even analyze stockpile volumes. Hangar offers a variety of additional data types for construction sites including 2D orthomosaics, elevation, NDVI, 3D model, mesh, point-cloud files and more.


JobSight’s Benefits

New technology is often expensive and time-consuming to adopt. Drones especially, with hardware costs, training costs, legality, airspace concerns, certifications, software, data processing workflows and more, can be complicated to deploy in any scalable fashion. JobSight is designed to save time in your existing workflows.

  • Actionable Visibility

Jobsight allows you to easily interpret aerial data and to generate actionable insights that teams can point to directly at progress meetings, in daily communications, or when addressing key stakeholders. Presenters can scroll through time and showcase site changes, present if materials and equipment on site correspond with the current plan, and quickly recap that data at any point.

Measuring an area.
  • More Valuable Collaboration

Whatever a construction management team needs to do, whomever they need to communicate with, JobSight allows them to be able to reference wide-ranging, up-to-date, and accurate site information. All information in the tracker is sharable. You can keep a history of project progress, pending issues, resolutions, and final outcomes, and get that information out to anyone on the team who needs it.

Interactive 360 photo image view
  • Clarity and Ease of Use

All captured aerial data is automatically sent straight to the project tracker interface, which can be navigated fluidly with zero compromise in resolution or information. The impressive resolutions of our aerial imagery (such as 2D orthomosaics and 360 images) allow users to zoom in on fine details or pull out to get the big picture.

Access multiple data types and projects from the drop-down menu.
  • Ease of Use & Consistency

The same user experience across every device, whether at an office workstation or on the go with a tablet or smartphone. Data-rich job-site images fill the screen, and team members always have one-touch access to what they need most.


Hangar’s aerial data products can stand alone or be integrated into the industry leading project management platform Procore.  For more information please visit hangar.com/construction.


About Hangar

Hangar, the world’s first robotics-as-a-service data acquisition platform, helps firms integrate insight-rich aerial data into their operations effortlessly. Hangar clients manage portfolios, track projects, and showcase property locations with premium aerial data software products, all without having to handle any of the logistics of owning, acquiring, flying or editing the data from drones.   

Hangar offers a suite of aerial data products to deliver value across industries in commercial real estate, construction and infrastructure.  We provide scalable solutions so businesses can reduce costs, improve productivity, and increase revenue. Interested in how aerial data might be able to impact your business? Contact Hangar today.