How to Make Money With Drones

make money with drones

As we move forward in this era, With each day passed drone by becoming popular and market is growing very fast due to rapid innovation in drone technology and its vast arena of applications from oil and gas industry to medical services make our lives easy and efficient.

People are buying drone and learning to fly them, many companies like dartdone etc are popping up to teach people how to fly because it’s a fact that 100 years down the line ,people across the world will need drones more than smartphones because by then devices would have be gone and we would be living in the world of complex AI and gesture controlled world including drones .

Here we have come up with some simple yet interesting ways to earn money from your drone and drone flying skills .Recently its found in a very popular survey that As of now people pay between $50 to $400 on hourly basis for drone services, so if you know how to fly a drone and are need of some money then go for it and get your hands on some of those $ bills just by flying drones and quadcopters.


So come on folks without any further delay lets hop on to some cool ways to make money with your drone flying skills right below

  1. Agriculture Land surveillance

drones in agriculture

Agriculture and forest industry has a large application of drone which can surely help drone operators earn a decent amount of income on monthly and contract basis .with the advanced drone technology from companies like dji ,precision hawk and many more coming in market which can be used on farms for surveillance of bad crop ,spreading fertilizers, seeds spreading evenly throughout the field and many more uses which would decrease the human labour effect and become more cost effective for the farmers and land owner if they choose drone operators to that work .

  1. Real estate Photography

With the boom in real estate industry across the world in many countries ,many big builders have started using drones for the full inspection of the construction sites and to keep an eye on the workers to complete the work on deadline .so if you are an drone operator then you can go out and help the builders to inspect the building on hourly basis to get a glimpse of the work easily which would be much more reliable and convenient for the builder as he wouldn’t have to go out though all the sites in the hot blazing sun for the inspection .

  1. Sports coverage

Renting out your drone operating skills for sports coverage to make some quick bucks is an great idea as you may know that mid and high level sports events are always happening in various cities across the country, so you can get in touch with the organizers of these leagues and sports o mania type events to show your skills and get a contract to cover the event with drone to make money .you can make use of best follow me drone too for covering all the moments of certain players easily to showcase it on TV sets later.

  1. Wedding and parties coverage

Now days the craze of drone photography and videography in parties and wedding is seen in many cities across the country ,people are willing to pay little extra to cover the weddings with drones to get some memorable pics to cherish the happy moments later with their family and friends.

So you can setup a mini drone photography for events firm and come up with different packages to earn some decent money with your drone skills and as the firm grows and you get more order you can train staff to fly more drones ,if you are passionate about drones ,photography, and weddings.

Tip: make use of some nice polarizing filters to get some cool and stunning photos with your drone.

  1. Short and long movie shooting

Due to high-quality camera’s that comes with best photography drones and their capabilities to capture some jaw-dropping videos from variable angles in sky to get the perfect shots , many directors and producers have started making use of drones to make their movies more interesting and viewer appealing.

avengers shooting with drone

To give an example for this a famous movie Avengers :age of Ultron made use of drones for capturing some stunning cinematic effects easily from the sky with drones .some more movies which recently made use of drone can be found here .

So you can get a movies contract to operate the drone if you got some real drone operation skills to capture those awesome pictures and videos from your drone .

I hope you liked our short collection of methods to earn some substantial income from your drones .we will come up with more interesting ways to earn with your drones as the industry evolves with these futuristic drones ideas, till then keep visiting our site for latest updates in drone world and share this without family and friends with drone to help them make some good bucks with their drones too.