Things to keep in mind before buying insurance for drones

With the rapid rise in drone industry the number of drone accidents are also increasing due to lack of experience of the pilot flying the drone, so are the drone insurance sign-ups.

In order to get a best insurance deals with your drone, we have come up with some of the best tips you to make your drone flights great again with the drone insurance on the back for its safety.

Without any delay, let’s check out the tips right below

  1. Make the dealer realize that you are expert flyer to get better rates

If you are drone pilot and want to get your drone insured then it’s natural that you would be looking for cheapest rates from the dealer for the insurance which you can get if you show him that you are a certified drone operator and knows how to fly the drone without any problem.

Drone insurance dealer are also looking for people who are experienced drone pilot as it would be less risk to them so you can defiantly get a discount for your skills when negotiating for the better deal.

  1. When can the drone insurance contract get cancelled?

Not to forget that when you buy a drone insurance , it can get cancelled too if you fly the drone with recklessness or your drone is not registered by FAA with the insurance regulation in place if it is required to be registered and there are no maintenance record papers with you ,then your drone insurance could be cancelled

Sometimes its happens that not all things are covered in insurance, so make sure that you confirm from the dealer what all kind of damages , drone loss etc are covered in the insurance.

Tip : Whether or not your drone is insured , your number #1 priority should be to fly the drone sensibly all the times because it’s of your hard earned money and you don’t want to ruin it intentionally.

  1. Find the best rate in market

If you want to get insurance cover for cheapest for all kinds of drones ranging from best indoor drones to outdoor drones, nano drones etc then you need to check out At least 3-4 dealers online and offline and negotiate with them to get best deal as different companies tends to have different packages for different types of drones with their own risk evolution criteria’s and pricing terms .

Moreover if you are planning to keep the drone operating for long time then I would suggest to go for long term insurance like 2-3 years as it’s cheaper in terms of cost.

  1. Bigger the drone, more the cost

More complex, high end and big size drone like heavy lifting drones, photography drones, longest flight time drones, expensive drones usually comes with heavy price tag, so does their insurance coverage charges ,but in long term its gives you relief if by chance anything goes wrong as it would be covered by the insurance provider and you won’t have spent hefty price to get it repaired or replaced .

I hope you liked out tips for drone insurance to keep in mind before buying an insurance cover for your drone. Share on social media with friends having drone to make them aware of drone insurance.

Safety is our #1 priority while flying drones!!! 

Keep Flying and Keep enjoying 🙂