4 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Grow Your Business with Kovima

Hello everyone! Michael here, founder of @dronemultimedia. I am thrilled to announce that I am now an official ambassador for Kovima, a one of a kind start up that is revolutionizing the stock video market. Kovima enables content creators like yourself to sell your content directly to digital marketers, real estate professionals, and more.

Kovima makes it incredibly easy for you to earn recurring income from your footage. Best part? Its free. This is how simple it is:

  1. Click here to apply to be a Kovima contributor.
  2. Once approved, complete your profile and upload your clips.
  3. Each time your clip is licensed, you will be paid a royalty!

Here are 4 tips to growing your business with Kovima:

1. Upload various high quality clips

Once you clips are uploaded on Kovima, they can be licensed by customers. What does this mean for you? Each time a customer licenses the rights to use your video, you will earn 50% of the sale price of the video. The videos price point is determined by a sophisticated algorithm based on market data.

So cast a wide net! The more videos you have up, the more chances you have to sell rights to your videos.

Below is an example of a hypothetical scenario:

Imagine you upload 1 clip priced at $27. If that video is licensed 10 times, you stand to earn $135. Not bad. Now imagine you have 10 clips, all priced at $27 per clip. Imagine each one of THOSE got licensed 10 times. Now you stand to earn $1,350. Now we are talking. Why stop at 10 clips? How much could you earn if you had 30 clips, each of which are priced at $27. (by the way, the price does go higher than $27) Let’s say each clip was licensed 10 times. $4,050 would go directly to your bank account. Now that’s what I am talking about!!


 2. Use your Kovima profile as a marketing tool

Do you have a gallery of sweet videos, but don’t have the time to set up a full functioning website? I totally understand, I have been there. Thankfully with Kovima, you don’t have to create an entire website. You can promote all your services directly through your profile.

Pro-tip: I encourage all of you to spend some time to complete your profile in its entirety and give it a personal touch. This is a way to showcase what makes you unique!

Below is an infographic outlining your steps for success:


3. Score Gigs directly through Kovima

Kovima makes it simple to connect with your clients. With the “hire me” feature in your profile, your clients can easily hire you to do a full-fledged gig (video shoots, aerial shoots, etc). Do you see how the numbers are starting to add up?

Let’s pick up from our last example – You have 30 clips, each one has been licensed 10 times at a commission of $13.50. You are sitting pretty at $4,050 when all of the sudden a client reaches out to you through your Kovima profile to do a video shoot for $1000.  Now you are at $5,050 dollars and you find yourself searching the web for new gear. Trust me, it’s possible!

4. Get your business in front of 65,000 people

This is an exclusive offer for Drone Multimedia followers. The first 100 people to sign up with Kovima, complete their profile, and upload a few clips will be featured on @dronemultimedia. For instructions, please refer back to the infographic under bullet 2.

This is a huge opportunity to get your business in front of a highly targeted and engaged audience.  Drone Multimedia averages around 250k impressions per week. See analytics below.

Don’t be surprised if your inbox gets flooded with opportunities after being on the front page of one of the leading drone Instagram’s on the internet.



Haven’t applied yet?

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Thanks for reading! If you have any suggestions for a topic or want to learn more, please drop me an email at michael@dronemultimedia.org.


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