Hangar Releases Hangar 360, a Free 360 Photo Capture and Stitching App for Drones

Hangar, a startup building an automated platform for drones in industry based in Austin, Texas, announced today the release of a free autonomous control app for DJI drones called Hangar 360. Hangar 360 allows drone users to automatically shoot, stitch and share sweeping 360 degree panoramic images.

The Hangar 360 app is very easy to use.  Just set your drone down, perform a quick safety check, engage the app and your drone will autonomously take off to 300ft to shoot the photos necessary for a 360 photo.  After you safely land your drone, Hangar 360 can send the captured images to Hangar for processing. In less than an hour, Hangar 360 will create your 360 photo and host it online for free. “It is by far the most convenient way to create and share 360 degree images by a drone.” said Jim McAndrew, CTO of Hangar and founder of Autoflight Logic, an autonomous flight engine acquired by Hangar earlier this year.

Panoramic 360 photos that are interactive on mobile devices and can be navigated in VR hardware have grown increasingly popular with drone users, with a multitude of apps and features available for users to capture the imagery necessary to produce them.  However, the prohibitive step for many users is that these images must be carefully stitched and edited, which requires complicated or expensive software, and is not readily accessible for most drone users.   

“Many of our core team members are long-time members of the drone community and drone enthusiasts. As Hangar continues to develop technology for our enterprise applications, we want to make sure that we also enable the communities that have supported us to take advantage of the tech breakthroughs we make. This app is the first incarnation of that idea. While Hangar is focused on providing solutions for industry, we believe the technology we create along the way can benefit drone owners of all kinds.” said Oren Schauble, Vice President of Marketing.

“Hangar’s core mission is to build an automated platform that enables tens of thousands of drones to perform valuable missions across industries on a daily basis. An autonomous capture, transfer, processing and delivery of aerial data across applications and enterprises.  As we develop increasingly complex technology to tackle problems across industries, we plan to continue to support the community of drone owners at large with both paid commercial work opportunities, and apps like Hangar 360 that let all drone owners benefit from our development efforts” said Jeff DeCoux, CEO of Hangar.

Hangar 360 is available for download for iOS and works with DJI Phantom 3, Mavic Pro, Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 1 and Inspire 2 drones.  The images it creates can be sent as an interactive link to others or shared as a 360 photo directly into Facebook.