5 Best Selfie Drones That Can Be Super-Useful For You

Doesn’t the mere thought of a selfie excite you? Well, no doubt it does, thanks to the fact that selfies are becoming the buzz of the town! But, you must be tired of always holding up your phone to take selfies, right? So, what if you learn that there’s a new way to take selfies? Yes, it does exist! And that is drones. The concept of drones and selfies combined to become the newest trend known as dronies. Besides, thanks to the lucrative discount offers from the best tech stores of the USA, that you can buy such drones at an affordable rate. 

Now, I am here with a list of five such fabulous and high-tech drones that will certainly take you to another level of photography.

Have a look!


  1. Eachine E50 WIFI FPV Quadcopter

This is a folding quadcopter in which the wings collapse inwards along the body, which results in a small unit about the size of a smartphone. It is one of the most budget-friendly selfie camera drones on the market now. For operating such drones you have to download the WiFi FPV or WiFi UPO app in your smartphone. Then you can choose to fly your quadcopter via virtual joysticks on-screen or by using the G-sensor control by tilting the phone. It has a flight time of 8-15 minutes, video quality- 720 P and range- 40 m.


  1.  DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic pro is the first and foremost folding drone from DJI. It is one of the lightest-weight drones available on the market but still has all the premier features. When it comes to still photographs and selfies, the Mavic is able to perform single shots and burst shootings at 3/5/7 frames. Moreover, for video recording shooting the camera can shoot up to C4K, 4K, 2.7 K. Full HD versions. It has a flight time of 27 minutes with a photo quality of 12.7 MP and range of 8 miles.


  1.  Zerotech Dobby pocket selfie drone

This is a smart-looking drone which is white in color and has a sleek design. It is not for those who love to do long expeditions but instead is an ultimate solution for the people who want to capture special moments quickly in the form of photos and videos. It has a facial recognition feature and a 13 MP camera with a flight time of 9 minutes. The video quality is as clear as 1080 P and clubbed with a HD standard 4K solution.


  1.  JJRC pocket selfie quadcopter

This one is somewhat similar to the EACHINE E 50 drone. It is actually black in color and has white propellers, and is further accompanied by a small carry bag so that you can insert and take-out easily from your pocket. It has a portable unit, FPV on your smartphone, altitude hold, LEDs near the camera and many other such convenient features. The flight time is 8-15 minutes for such selfie-drones.


  1.   Wingsland S6 RC drone

This is the thinnest RC 4K drone that you can get and is also termed as the most popular selfie-drone in the market. The 4K capable camera in it can be operated by gesture control. The price of this drone is same as the dobby pocket selfie drone and is available in a compact package with the four limbs folded over the body. It has a flight time of 5-6 minutes with a 13 MP camera and a range of 100 m. It takes around 120 minutes for charging and also has a GPS and GLONASS dual satellite navigation.


So, if you’re one among many such people who is a fan of capturing some awesome selfies then move ahead from using a smartphone to do so and opt for any one of such selfie drones and have a wonderful experience.    


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