4 Awesome Drone Simulation Apps


As advanced technology has spread all over the world, and has gained space in our everyday lives, drones have become very popular. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that drone simulation apps have also become very widespread on the market.

Are you a drone fanatic, and would you like to try simulation apps? Well, you’ve come to the right place as we have investigated some great apps for you! Some of them are compatible with real drones, too, for example AR.FreeFlight 2.2 app, as well as with VR headsets for an immersive feeling.

Virtual reality is applied in many fields of life, for instance arts, architecture and, naturally, entertainment as well. New video games are connected with VR headsets, which give us a totally full experience, minus the G-Force, of course.

Now without further ado, let’s see which are the best drone simulation apps!


3D flight simulator

This is one of the most advanced drone simulator apps for 3D games on the market. If you like those games that are great fun and don’t contain violence, this game is for you! You can find cool missions and I am telling you from personal experience that this app can be addictive.

3D Flight Simulator is not an ordinary game, so when you start it, you will get an RC quadcopter to fly. Sounds interesting, right? You can practice and develop your skills without paying the costs of a real drone. You can fly around in a large city with the help of simple but very easy-to-use controls.

This app is free so you can enjoy the feeling of flying a drone even today. Your task is to fly around the city and fulfill the missions you get. You will enjoy the amazing flight simulator, and you can be an awesome pilot who can complete all the tasks. While flying, you need to be careful not to crash into the huge buildings or any other objects you will see in the game.

This game is great for everyone who likes flying and completing various missions without violence. As you get more and more skillful, the game will be harder and harder. It is worth downloading it now and starting the big drone piloting adventure!

AR FreeFlight 2.2 App

This is a new app from Parrot, and quite a small app, which is compatible with the extremely popular AR Drone and AR Drone 2.0. It gives you a wonderful feeling of virtual reality with tilting your mobile device (android phone or tablet) in any direction, meaning, you can use it with a VR headset. And, speaking of games that are meant for VR headsets, you can also check the Tech Insider’s article about the future of VR and the games that are the latest craze.

This app is also very easy to use, so even if you are not an experienced pilot, that’s nothing to worry about. You will feel a champion when using this app. This app is also free, so you don’t need to spend any money on it and you can download it here.


Drone Shadow Strike

This game can be also very addictive; you won’t be able to stop playing with it, once you start it. Actually, it’s a military warfare game, in which you can find real action, fast-paced combat, and strategy.

While 3D Flight Simulator is a nonviolent game, we can’t say the same about this one. Due to the virtual reality and the incredible actions you will feel as you were in the middle of the battle. I am telling you, you won’t be able to stop playing it. But, you should know this game doesn’t support the iPhone 3G, iPad 1, and 3rd or 4th GEN iPod. This game is free also, but there are some in-game items for which you need to pay if you want to use them. Anyway, you can turn off the payment feature on your device.

We also need to mention some exclusive features of this game, such as 34 missions in 5 real world campaigns; you can choose Survive, Defend, Escort or Strike missions. You can find more than 70 Achievements and 282 Challenges in the game. Touch controls are intuitive and simple, so you need only your finger tip to command the whole battle! There are 20 official ranks, at the beginning you start as an Airman Basic, but you can be the Master of General in the end! You can download this game for free here.


Drone Prix app

And last but not least, we want to mention Drone Prix app by Edgybees. Using this app and flying your REAL DJI drone will make you a Pro drone pilot. The main task is to fly your drone through a virtual obstacle course, while you need to avoid the obstacles and collect prizes. This game is compatible with DJI drones, like Phantom 3 and 4, and the Mavic Pro.

When flying your drone, you need to beat the best performance of others, and your scores can be seen on a Leaderboard, so you can check the scores of the other pilots from all over the world. Actually, this app is a great combination of the best feeling of flying with the thrills of a drone race.

If you play this game, you will develop some serious piloting skills. You can chose solo and competition modes as well. During your flight, you get a flight assistant that will help you with the 3D space. There are more than 30 obstacle courses, suitable for beginners and experienced pilots as well. You can download it to your Smartphone easily from iTunes and Google Play Store. It is really worth trying it and improving your flying skills.