Prodrone Creates Professional Drones for You

PRODRONE is an industrial drone system manufacturer established in Japan, November 2016, by experts with over 20 years of experience in a variety of specialized fields.

Since our inception, PRODRONE has developed an assortment of customized industrial drones on consignment for numerous drone service providers and manufacturers in the industrial drone market.

We have developed large drones that can carry 30kg (66lbs) of payload, drones specifically designed for laser surveying, drones capable of surveying at high-altitudes exceeding 5,500m (18,000ft), drones able to land on water, drones capable of reading RFID at high speeds, drones designed to inspect bridges and other such infrastructure, all-weather large-sized platforms, drones for pesticide spraying, numerous drones for academic research, and many more… Each require a superior level of technical precision, many of which could not have been developed by anyone other than PRODRONE.

What empowers us to realize the impossible? We have the experience – more than two decades of developing UAVs and their software. And we have the advanced technical abilities required to make it happen – our superior fabrication engineering skills enable us to use carbon-bonding technology (as applied to F1 cars and more traditional aircraft) to fit our motors with such a high precision, they are accurate to less than 1/100 of a degree.

PRODRONE has secured the high confidence of leading companies because we’re quick to respond to our clients needs, and we have the precision to surpass the most difficult of developmental challenges.

We are a B2B company

PRODRONE aims to help you, the drone service providers and manufacturers of the world, to reach your goals, to expand your businesses, and for you to provide your services and products all over the globe.

We’ll always be right there to support your drone business.  That’s who we are at PRODRONE.