5 Tips to Choose the Best Drone For New Pilots

Drone Controller
Drone Remote Controller with a big LCD

Flying drones for some pilots is business, and for some it is just an everyday work. Some pilots are into racing, and some of them are flying just for fun. New pilots should always start with the fun part of drone flying. With that in mind, the following five essential tips will make sure that you, a new drone pilot will have a good time with your first experience in drone flying. Those five tips are price, size, durability, flying features and remote control. If the drone can provide all of those five essential features, then it is the right choice for a starting drone.

But Let’s Get More Details About Each Tip For The Best Drone For New Pilots:

1. Price of a Drone
When you are looking just to have fun flying drones, it is critical that this fun is not turning into a nightmare. Imagine if you bought a brand new DJI Phantom and you have never before flown a drone, and you crash it! You would lose over $1000 just for fun and where is the fun in that? I am sure that 99% of new pilots who crash expensive drone never bought another drone, and they just retired from flying drones even before they actually began.

That’s why it is important that your first drone is cheap, like one of these drones under 50 dollars. If you crash it, it will not be the end of the world, and you can probably afford another one for the same price and start your drone flying career all over again.

2. Size of a Drone
Size is important, and it is the number two factor for new pilots to quit flying drones even before they really begin. New drone pilots who bought a large drone and crashed it on someone else’s property often need to pay a ton of money for the damage that drone caused when it crashed. Because of that, it is essential you pick a nano drone or small drone that will do little or no damage at all if crashes.

3. Durability of a Drone
Some drones are fragile, and many of them even don’t have propeller protectors, and that is just the wrong choice for new drone pilots. If you choose a weak drone or a drone without propeller protectors and you crash it, you will be out of flying. If you destroy propellers, you will need to replace them and shipment of new propellers from China can take up to 30 days. That’s why it is important to go with a durable drone that is made of high-quality plastic and has propeller protectors.

4. Flying Features
Flying features are not so important, but with some of the cool features like one click flips you can have some additional fun and get hooked on drone flying. But unfortunately, there are not many affordable drones that have a lot of these cool features at low cost. If you want to get a drone with special flying features, you will need to add some extra dollars, but I highly suggest you read tip number one where I talk about the price of the drone.

5. Remote Controller
The remote controller needs to be simple as it gets. Only a few buttons and two joysticks with which you navigate the drone. Do not use a smartphone or tablet for your drone navigation. Navigating with tablet or smartphone is for professionals or at least expert drone pilots who know what they are doing. New pilots should stick to the simple, few button remote controller.

If you follow my tips on the best drones for new pilots, I am sure you will have no problem in choosing the right drone for you. I guarantee you will have fun flying and you will not quit drone piloting before you even began.