7 Most Unique Drones You Don’t Know About


Drones are gaining more popularity by the day. New companies are emerging with their own innovative drones. In this article, I have selected some unique drones that are available in the market right now.

1] Parrot Hydrofoil

Parrot is a drone company which is making some very unique drones capable of doing things which you won’t be able to do with normal drones. The Parrot Hydrofoil is one such drone. It is capable of flying in the air like any normal drone, but it can also glide over water surface easily as well. It has a special add-on part that is the shape of a boat. You have to attach the drone to that boat and then the drone can glide over the water surface. You can control the direction and speed with an app on your smartphone. You can check its video or buy it from their website.


2] Parrot Disco FPV

This is another very interesting drone that has caught many eyes since its launch. It looks like a boomerang and has amazing capabilities. For instance, it can fly at an amazing top speed of 80 Km/h. It has a flight time of 35 minutes which is great as you can cover a whole lot of distance given its high speed. It also has detailed flight logs. But the most interesting feature is that you can connect it to its VR headset and look directly through its camera real time. This is the most immersive experience anyone could ever have. And for this one feature, it becomes the most fun drone that is available on the market right now. You can watch its video or check it on their website.


3] Snap Drone

Vantage robotics has come up with a cool and quite unique drone which they call the Snap Drone. The main feature of this drone is that it is an extremely lightweight and small drone that can fit in your bag easily. It is capable of doing some very cool stuff. Its propellers have a safety ring around them so that even if you come in contact with the drone, you won’t end up damaging either of you. It can achieve optical image stabilization as it is very stable during flight. In addition, it can record in 4k and click high-quality images. Do check its video and website.


4] Hover Camera

This is one of the most innovative camera drones I’ve seen. As its name suggests, it can hover! It is designed in such a way that you can hold it from anywhere and when you release it, it just hovers at that place. It is integrated with AI and face detection algorithms so that it can understand and evolve on its own for better functionality. It is capable of recording 4k video and can click 13 MP images. Its camera can rotate in a perpendicular direction to the drone so that it can follow you without any issue. You can watch how it works in this video and visit their website.


5] Fotokite

Now this drone is based on the very simple concept of the kite. The Fotokite drone always remains physically connected to you with a tether. You don’t need any kind of controller, joystick or a smartphone to control and operate this drone. One end of the tether is on the electronic leash that you hold in your hand and the other end is attached to the drone. There are controls given on the leash with which you can control the drone or click images and record videos. Therefore, at no point will you ever lose your drone. It will always stay with you. Feel free to check its video and its website.


6] Loon Copter

The Loon Copter is the only drone, that I know of, which is capable of Aerial, Water Surface, and Underwater functioning. It is like any other drone that can fly in the air and click images and record videos. But it can smoothly slide over the water surface and can also be submerged in the water for underwater photography and video recording. This is very cool and innovative. Not only can it submerge easily, it comes out of water effortlessly and you can get it into the air again without any trouble. You can watch the video and see it on the website and see for yourself how much fun it actually is.


7] Micro Drone 3.0

As the name suggests, it is an extremely small drone that can actually fit in your palm. Its size is its biggest advantage. It can go through any small space and record amazing things that are not possible with a regular sized drone. In its 3rd edition, you can integrate it with a VR headset and can get a first person view. It is rugged and has a modular design that makes it easy to replace damaged or dead parts without having to buy a new drone. You can check their website and the video is available on the website itself; don’t forget to watch that.


About the Author: Prasad Dusane is a drone geek who blogs at dronesdevil.com and has recently published this interesting article Pros And Cons Of Drone Financing Plans.

Prasad Dusane

Prasad Dusane is a drone geek who blogs at dronesdevil.com and has recently publish this interesting article Pros And Cons Of Drone Financing Plans.

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