How to Improve Your Drone Flying Skills

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Let’s face it, not many of us will be at the top level like one of the best drone pilots Charpu. But we need to have some basic skills to fly safely in all conditions. And not only is safety required. Soon you will need to pass a drone test, just like you need to pass a car driving test to get a driving license.

Some drones are massive and flying them presents a real danger to the people on the ground, and if the pilot is inexperienced, the danger just increases. Even small drones with lots of power are dangerous. The propellers are spinning at high RPM’s, and if you get hit, you may get serious injuries. Because of that, you need to respect drones and learn how to fly them safely.

There are several ways of perfecting your skills:

Practice Makes Perfect

You need to practice, and you need to practice a lot. In the beginning, you should fly in safe areas where there are no people and no property that can get damaged if you crash. With hours of flying, you will get better and better, and your ability to handle all situations will improve.

But the problem with repeated practice is that it is hard to keep focus if you don’t know whether you are improving. For example, if you wish to practice flying close to objects, you need to know whether you are on target need to adjust the drone position and in what direction.

Because of that problem, I suggest using MAKKER. MAKKER is a simple system to give you just that – feedback. With MAKKER you get the feedback needed to train efficiently and know what level of flight skills you have.

MAKKER is simple to use. You have a tag that you place on your drone and marks that you put on the ground. When your drone is over the Mark, you get feedback telling you that you hit the spot! Flying between marks, you can see flight times on the MAKKER app, and you can compare with other drone pilots. Needing to hit an exact target, you can be sure that your skills are improving.

MAKKER on YouTube:

Drone Simulators

Drone Simulators are very popular among pilots, and I am sure many new drone pilots start with the simulator. It is a good choice because you will learn some basic skills of drone flying. But don’t expect top flying skills from just using drone simulators. You need to fly a drone for real. Simulators and actual flying are extremely different. Drone simulators may help you respond appropriately in specific situations, but you need real drone flying experience to become a skilled drone pilot.

One of the most popular drone simulators is Zephyr. Zephyr is a drone simulator in which you can use various remote controllers. Zephyr offers you to fly cool drones like the DJI Mavic Pro or Syma X5C as well as a wide variety of other models.

Final Thought

Some people want to go step by step with acquiring their drone piloting skills. The best path for them is to use a drone simulator. Other pilots want to go out and fly. For them, using MAKKER is an excellent choice. Not only they will have fun with real drone flying, but they can measure their progress and improvements on how good they are!