One of Denmark’s First Engineers Specialized in Drone Technology Joins Blue Ocean Robotics

Jes Jepsen is one of Denmark’s first robotics engineers who has graduated as a Master of Engineering with specialty in drone technology from the University of Southern Denmark. Jes now joins Blue Ocean Robotics as Robotics Developer.


ODENSE, DENMARK – August 30TH 2017 Blue Ocean Robotics is pleased to announce the recruitment of Jes Jepsen as of August 2017. Jes will join the Product Development department in Odense, Denmark, and will work on development projects within Blue Ocean Robotics and the drone company Third Element Aviation.

Jes brings a highly specialized knowledge and experience in drone technology from his Master of Engineering at the University of Southern Denmark, and two years of experience as a Program Assistant at Blue Ocean Robotics. His Master’s thesis was about how simulation environments can be used as a tool to implement drones in construction projects. Jes does not only see big potentials for industrial drone technology in the construction industry but also in other industries where surveillance of buildings and constructions can be optimized and less dangerous for the people involved. Together with the two German partners Marius Schröder and Benjamin Wiens from the drone company Third Element Aviation, Jes will take part in developing and commercializing new drone applications that can match the market demand.

“For the past two years, I have gained a lot of good practical experience and I have seen how the company has been growing and developing. After finishing my Master’s degree with a specialty in drone technology, it is a natural step for me to continue my working career at Blue Ocean Robotics, and I am also looking forward to taking part in the development of new and exciting drone projects in Third Element Aviation,” says Jes Jepsen, Robotics Developer.

“We are pleased to welcome Jes to the product development team in Blue Ocean Robotics. With the increased demand from our customers regarding new and solid drone applications, Jes has a highly specialized knowledge within drone technology that makes him a strong addition to our team. Jes will take part in the development of new and innovative drone applications and we are looking forward to seeing him bringing our development projects to an even higher level,” says Thomas Rubæk, Vice President of Product Development.

Welcome Jes to Blue Ocean Robotics.