Earn Money By Hiring Out Your Drone

There’s no way around it: the drone life is expensive. Whether it’s the cost of drones themselves or controllers, FPV goggles, lens filters and spare batteries, it’s not a cheap pastime. What’s more, many who’ve forked out for their dream toy often find themselves going days and even weeks without even flying it. Life takes over. Some drone owners are easing the frustration of no-fly days by putting their drone to work whilst they work themselves.

These people are turning to Fat Lama. Originally London-based but now operational through the US, it’s the first ever peer-to-peer rental marketplace which insures users to lend out any item. As well as drones, users rent their bikes, cameras, projectors and DJ equipment on the platform. Why? Well, top lender income for individuals is now in excess of $4,000 – not bad for passive income.

Where were we? Drones are expensive and it can be difficult to justify spending so much on what for many of us is just a hobby. Drones are also some of the most popular items on Fat Lama. Knowing that after enough rentals your drone will have paid for itself helps justify the initial upfront cost of buying one. Many who would not have been able to afford the investment are now able to buy primarily because of the rental potential.

Each time you lend out your drone through Fat Lama, it’s covered by their guarantee – that means you don’t need to worry too much about your borrower wiping out mid-flight, unless you’re particularly sentimental about a particular UAV. Their guarantee covers theft/damage claims up to £25,000.

So your drone can earn you money whilst you’re otherwise engaged: good news. But lending it out to other drone enthusiasts is also a great way to meet likeminded people. As one Fat Lama user recently told Raindance, the contacts they’ve made have even helped them network: “From hiring out through Fat Lama, I’ve met many great people in the industry.” Fat Lama tell us that one user who lent out their drone to someone who was using it for a music video in the morning ended up helping out on set later that evening!

Why hire a drone on Fat Lama?

Fat Lama isn’t just for people lucky enough to already own the drone(s) of their dreams. It’s great for those who want to borrow one too.

If you’re new to the drone sphere, you might be tempted to give one a spin before investing. Many of our borrowers are thinking about buying one for themselves but are eager to try before they buy. For a small fraction of the cost of buying one, you can rent a drone and take it out for a test flight – just like Mark did:

“Now I was thinking of buying a DJI Inspire 2. Not the Inspire 1 Version 2 but the actual Inspire 2. I do some aerial filming on the side as a freelancer and was already using a DJI Mavic Pro but really wanted to take things to the next level. Because of the cost of it, I needed to be sure it’d be worth spending so much more to upgrade. A friend actually put me onto Fat Lama to begin with when we wanted a DJI Ronin and so I went back there, borrowed the Inspire 2 from Aimee, took it for a test flight and that was it. I bought one the next day!”

Alternatively, you might only need a drone occasionally, perhaps to film a wedding, survey your roof, or film a school sports match. If so, it probably doesn’t make sense to buy one but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the drone action too! Over half of all the rentals on Fat Lama are booked and picked up on the same day so we’ve even got you covered for your last minute drone needs.


Whether you’re an aspiring drone pilot or an experienced quadcopter veteran, a have or a have-not, you might find that this new pillar of the sharing economy could provide pleasantly surprising returns and savings.