How Drones and Their High Res Cameras are Helping Construction Managers

Thanks to improved technology, drones have continued to develop, and are now fitted with the best chips, HD sunglasses, cameras, and motors among other aspects. Drones have become the center of interest for many fields, in particular with the ability to make certain aspects of a job easier. The construction industry has not been left behind. Below find out how drones and their high res cameras are helping construction managers.

Project Evaluation – before excavating, surveyors usually inspect the site to determine if the location is feasible. Drones for construction projects can be used to conduct aerial surveys and site evaluations. This can be very useful in urban areas where space is tight. With tools such as Google Maps, you can calculate dimensions, height limits, and access points. It saves time and money for construction projects.

Monitor Movement of Materials – When Amazon announced that it would be using drones to deliver goods, many people wondered how it would work. Drones have since improved in technology since the very first day they were developed.

Today, drones can handle items of varying sizes, making them useful on construction sites. Construction sites mostly use different cranes to move materials from one level to another. The cranes are too big to assemble, expensive to implement and are difficult to transport. With drones, materials can be easily moved from one level to another, thereby helping the project to be completed more easily.

Reduced energy costs – At night, construction projects are usually lit up to provide security and enable security personnel to know where intruders are. Lightening up a construction site uses a lot of energy, which increases energy bills. This will ultimately increase the cost of the project.

When you invest in a drone, especially those with 4K HD infra-red camera, you can monitor the project at night. You can easily fly drones across the project site to capture videos and photos of that area. It allows you to monitor your project 24/7 and save your business on energy costs because you will use less light.

Building Surveillance – Construction projects can last for months and even years, especially if the building to be constructed is large. From the excavation of the foundation to the rise of the walls and floors, fitting of the roof, and exterior and interior decorations, the progress needs to be recorded.

As project managers come to the site to see progress, the work can be tiring when it comes to inspecting the entire building. Monitoring a building requires a lot of supervisors who have to be paid. In addition, mistakes are made because there are details that will be missed, which can be a big step back in the future.

Final Thoughts – Due to improved technology, drones have become handy machines in the construction industry. At the construction site, drones have several applications, such as conducting aerial surveys of a project, especially when it is in an urban area. Other uses of the drones include night-time surveillance, surveillance of contractors, and monitoring the progress of the project.

Using a drone will not only save money, especially in terms of energy costs, but will also save time in moving materials from one level or location to another.  

Rachel Stinson

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