How to Become an Expert Drone Videography Pilot and Save Post Production Time

Drones are the most interesting contemporary toy, and they’re only gaining in popularity. However, their use goes beyond entertainment – it goes from more efficient product delivery to more quality videos.

So, if you have this toy for yourself and you went past the first rush of excitement, you’re probably thinking about how to make this investment profitable. The great thing about drones is that it isn’t necessary for you to have any kind of experience in order to make great videos. However, the editing part will require a learning curve – but there are ways for you to film great videography and thus cut down the production time.

Slow It Down

First and foremost – slow it down. No matter what kind of drone you have in your home, your videos will get to a whole new level of popularity if you only slow down the speed. By doing this, you will decrease the amount of blurred footage, and it won’t be necessary for you to film additional videos, nor invest much time into editing.

Fly-Through Shots

If you want to provide a cinematic experience to your viewers, this is the move you need to perfect. However, in order to be certain that no damage will be done and that your drone will be safe and sound after these shots, you first need to perfect your navigating skills. I wouldn’t recommend taking your chances on this one.

Go Sideways

If you’re working with landscapes, this is a pretty efficient way to transfer the personal experience to your audience. Going with slow, sideway movements will enable you to film a wide image so that your viewers have enough time to take it all in and admire the view.

Upwards-Backwards Movements

This is probably not news to you – upwards, and backward movements are some of the first things that an owner of a drone masters. However, this kind of footage can be very interesting if you use very basic video editing options, like fast-forward for example.

Make 360-Degree Videos

I’m sure that you have noticed how popular these forms of footage are – 360-degree videos are all over social platforms, and people can’t get enough of them. You can cause a similar effect with your drone – if you make a video while rotating your drone while it’s standing still in the air, you’ll be able to come close to a 360-degree experience.

However, have in mind that the drone technology isn’t there yet – it will be imperative for you to go very slow so that you don’t have to spend days editing your footage. If this is something you would really like to film, you should hire experts in video editing to help you. On the other hand, you can intentionally make this part of the video blurry and use it as a special effect.

Mind the Weather

You need to be very considerate about the weather conditions. A lot of people are sending back their drones for repairs, and the cause of the damage is usually strong winds or trees that popped out from nowhere. Before you take a step outside and get enthusiastic about filming, you should first check the weather and make sure that your drone will survive your expedition.

The main thing about creating high-quality drone videos is having a steady hand. It is imperative for you to master the navigation of your drone before you start experimenting and taking it out in the field. So, try out these moves, don’t be hasty and make sure that your drone is safe.