How Drones Are Changing Real Estate Photography Trends

The real estate game might be changed forever thanks to drone technology. Since drones became available to everyone, they have been a common sight over houses that are for sale. This is because real estate professionals understand how important it is to present the properties that they are trying to sell in the best way possible.

Drone photography has opened up a new way for marketing properties, ever since drones became commercially available. Today it’s possible to get a remote pilot certificate for around $150, and you can then use a drone to take some stunning shots of the property you are trying to sell. Aerial photography taken with drones creates amazing visual intrigue, and this is why this practice is becoming increasingly common.


Today we will talk about how real estate drone videography and photography are changing the market and effecting real estate overall.

Showing nearby amenities

The fact that real estate agents can use drones to make aerial shots allows them to show the vicinity of a certain property. Agents now have the power to show potential buyers how far the home is located from important things such as a school, marketplace, natural settings and so on.

In the past, these shots were only possible using a helicopter, but this is much more expensive, and you cannot make close-up shots quite as well as you can with drones. Additionally, huge properties are tough to capture thoroughly and represented properly from the ground. With drone footage, you can quickly showcase large properties and give potential buyers all the information they need.

The whole neighborhood can be shown with drones and all the amenities of the property. This is very important, as it can convince potential buyers to make a bid, as they can see real images showing how close something is and give them a better perspective of the property and its features.

Confirming the condition of the property

Another reason why people are demanding drone photos is that of the fact that they now have the option to verify whether or not the seller is telling the truth. One of the most important things about a real estate is the roof and whether or not it’s in good condition.

Nobody wants to climb the roof and check for himself. On the other hand, nobody wants a damaged roof that might cost them a lot. With drone photography, real estate agents will be able to deliver their potential clients a clear overview of the property from above.

They will be able to see whether the roof is damaged or not. Additionally, all of the important features that are located somewhere high or were unreachable before can now be captured with drone photography.

A serious buzz everyone is following

One of the reasons why drones are becoming so popular in real estate photography is that they are simply incredibly appealing and agents that use them have the power to bring a lot of buzz to their listings. Drones are fresh and trendy devices, and agents that use them can quickly raise the reputation of their profiles.

This shows that agents are willing to go a step further to stand out and give their buyers more than the rest. Although there are a lot of people following this trend, drones are still not widespread in real estate. However, it’s expected that they will quickly become an industry standard, so it’s best to start using them before everyone else catches up.

More personal photos of properties

Real estate agents quickly realized that drone footage gives them a lot more options. A drone video can allow potential buyers to have a better understanding of a property and “feel” the real estate before they even go on a tour.

For example, real estate agents use drones to record videos by flying closely around the house, twisting around, showing the garden and the driveway, all in an effort to help potential buyers get a sense of what the house looks like from up close. They can also get a sense of how it is to live on that property and how they can organize themselves.

Drones are slowly becoming an essential aspect of the real estate business. Agents that have utilized these devices were able to make more sales and convince potential buyers to do business with them. Drones are going nowhere, and we can only expect them to be used more and in different ways in the future.