New Smart Drone Development Platform Now Available from Aerotenna


Aerotenna announces its new Smart Drone Development Platform, a transformative new
offering that is the smartest, most capable ready to fly kit on the market today!

Drones are evolving to be smarter, requiring upgrades in sensors, hardware, I/O, and
computational capabilities. The Aerotenna Smart Drone Development Platform is the first drone kit equipped with microwave radar collision-avoidance sensors, a radar altimeter, and an FPGA-based flight controller. Aerotenna is leading the industry by applying these advanced technologies in drones, making Aerotenna’s ready to fly kit a perfect platform to develop all weather proof collision-avoidance and altitude control with radar technology, and explore more advanced drone applications with the computational power provided by the FPGA SoC flight controller.

Created especially for serious developers who are pushing the limits of today’s drone
applications, the new Smart Drone Development Platform sells for $3499 and includes
everything you need to get flying, right out of the box:

  • One Aerotenna OcPoCTM with Xilinx Zync® Mini Flight Controller
  • One Aerotenna μLanding radar altimeter
  • Three Aerotenna μSharp-Patch collision avoidance radar sensors
  • One Aerotenna CAN Hub
  • RadioLink AT-9 Remote Controller, and
  • Pre-assembled Quadcopter airframe

In addition to being the most robust option today for developers, Aerotenna’s Smart Drone
Development Platform is also the easiest – no assembly or special setup required. No more
spending hours on end trying to follow confusing lists of instructions or working to assemble and setup disparate components from different vendors, costing you valuable development time – simply open the box and go!

Why is Aerotenna’s Smart Drone Developer Platform right for you?:

  • It’s the Smartest:
    • Three direction obstacle detection and avoidance using microwave radar
    • Altitude hold with radar altimeter that works in all weather conditions and over all terrain surfaces
  • It’s the Most Capable:
    • With I/O expansion supporting up to more than 100 sensing inputs and outputs, your
      imagination is the limit for application development
    • OcPoC-Zynq is powered by the Xilinx Zynq® processor, which combines the flexibility
      of FPGA architecture with the processing power of ARM, all in one SoC.
    • OcPoC provides increased processing power capable of achieving real-time sensor fusion and onboard data processing
    • OcPoC provides the I/O flexibility to enable industrial-grade redundancy and safety

If you’re interested in taking your drone applications to the next level using Aerotenna’s Smart Drone Development Platform, you can pre-order now at

More information about Aerotenna can be found by visiting You may also
contact us at for additional information.


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