WhiteFox Receives Award for Safe Integration of UAS into the Airspace

WhiteFox Gains International Recognition at Dubai UAS Forum

WhiteFox received awards from the Dubai Police and Dubai Civil Aviation Authority for the "Safe Integration of UAS into the Airspace"

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) hosted an international Unmanned Aircraft System Forum (UASF) to discuss the integration of UAS technologies into the airspace as part of their Smart Dubai Initiative. WhiteFox Defense Technologies, Inc. was invited to present both their world-leading counter-sUAS technology, the DroneFox, and their secure UAS communication system, WhiteFox Integrated Secure Device Management (WISDM).

WhiteFox representatives Luke Fox, CEO, and Dr. Zachary Peterson, Senior Cryptographic Engineer, met with top international representatives, UAE government officials, and industry leaders within the oil & gas sector to discuss the need for a technology that is able to safely defeat drone threats. Dr. Peterson says, “The best way to mitigate these threats safely and therefore protect facilities and public safety is by taking control of the drone. Indiscriminate jamming technologies do not do this and are inherently dangerous.” For more information about indiscriminate jamming technology, download WhiteFox’s “To Jam or Not to Jam” whitepaper.

WhiteFox collaborated with representatives from Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and Australia to assess the complexity of drone integration that is plaguing countries around the world. A common issue that global leaders are facing with drone integration is the need to secure drone communications and ensure pilot’s are licensed. The WhiteFox Integrated Secure Device Management (WISDM) system is now under evaluation in multiple countries to enable secure drone integration.

WhiteFox received awards from the Dubai Police General Headquarters and the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) for their dedication towards the “Safe and Effective Integration of UAS into the Airspace.” WhiteFox CEO Luke Fox comments, “The goal for the Smart Dubai Initiative is to vet and select the world’s smartest technologies. We’re honored to have been invited here to work with world leaders to discuss the critical need for a smart counter-sUAS technology and to receive these awards from the Dubai Police and DCAA.”


About WhiteFox Defense Technologies:

Headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California, WhiteFox Defense Technologies, Inc. specializes in developing services and solutions to comprehensively mitigate sUAS threats.

WhiteFox has developed the DroneFox: a comprehensive counter-drone technology that safely mitigates drone threats.

WhiteFox Defense Technologies, Inc. has developed the DroneFox: a drone threat detection, identification, and mitigation device that is comprehensive, intuitive, man-portable, readily integrated, high-performance, low-impact, small footprint, personnel efficient, and cost-effective. The DroneFox detects drones in an airspace, with a range extending kilometers beyond visual line of sight. A forensic threat analysis is executed on target drones based on variables including its payload capacity, model, location, pilot’s location, and live video feed, thereby extending operator’s ability to protect others from the ground into the airspace above. This defensive counter-sUAS solution is produced in a form factor that is man-portable and easily fixed to a secure location.

For more information, visit www.WhiteFoxDefense.com.