MicroPilot Autopilot Optical Guided Autonomous Landing System

MicroPilot, in association with SightLine Applications, has succeeded interfacing SightLine Applications landing assist with MicroPilot’s autopilot to create a visual landing system for more precise autonomous vertical landings.


Oct 30, 2017 – Stony Mountain, Canada – MicroPilot has successfully interfaced SightLine
Applications’ landing assist functionality with MicroPilot’s autopilots. Starting with version
3.7.1016 of MicroPilot’s HORIZON software, this new functionality will provide integrators with the option of a robust landing assist feature, reducing operator workload and training requirements.

SightLine Applications’ Landing Aid is a video based landing assist that enables safe
operations, even in GPS degraded (urban canyon, indoors, etc.) or GPS denied environments. It operates by using a down-facing camera mounted on the UAV to track on a specified “landing pattern” and provide accurate relative-position data to the autopilot, enabling the UAV to land much more precisely than is possible with conventional GPS. The 8gm video processor enables low SWAP landing assist implementations.

As autonomous precision landings become more important, with UAVs being used for an ever greater variety of civil and commercial applications, the accuracy of SightLine’s Landing Aid, the reduced operator workload, and its landing area safety checks, will become very valuable.

MicroPilot has previously demonstrated compatibility with SightLine video processors, which are integrated into a wide range of ISR gimbaled camera systems. Integrating SightLine
Applications’ landing assist functionality with the autopilot was a logical next step. This provides a convenient package encompassing both a professional grade UAV autopilot and video landing assist for the ever-advancing UAV market.

About MicroPilot
Started in 1994, with 1000 clients in over 85 countries, MicroPilot is the world leader in
professional autopilots for UAVs and MAVs. MicroPilot is an ISO 9001 autopilot manufacturer to bring to market an ISO 9001 sub 30 gram autopilot, triple redundant autopilot, and full-function general purpose autopilot. MicroPilot offers a family of lightweight UAV autopilots that can fly fixed-wing, transitional, helicopter, and Multirotor UAVs. MicroPilot also provides complementary products such as the XTENDERmp SDK, and trueHWIL2.

Howard Loewen

About SightLine Applications
Founded in 2007, SightLine Applications is the market leader in onboard video processing for advanced camera systems. SightLine believes experience matters and can proudly state that their processors have over a million flight hours. Tightly integrated at the camera level, SightLine enables low-latency, fully digital video for a variety of platforms. In addition to the landing aid, SightLine video processors provide features to support a range of surveillance, inspection and mapping applications.

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