Lyfted Media Takes Aerial Event Coverage to the Next Level

Lyfted Media is leading the way in bringing a safe alternative to aerial event coverage solutions. Perfect for indoor arena events, the helium filled Aerial UltraLight radio controlled camera platforms are safe for flying above an audience.  Whether for concerts, sporting events, conferences, theme parks, shopping malls or universities Lyfted Media provides a unique and engaging live fan experience.

Featured in the above video, the remote controlled “AirOrbs” or blimp cams have been successfully flown with live broadcast capabilities inside Madison Square Garden. They have now flown over 100 games for the NY Knicks, NY Rangers and NY Liberty. At this level, this is truly a first in the RC flying cameras/drone field. Lyfted Media are looking to take this service to arenas across the US.
AirStage out of Stuttgart Germany manufacture the orbs. The FAA has approved a similar helium based orb to fly over crowds outdoors.