Star Wars Propel Battle Drone – The Perfect Gift for This Christmas


If you are one of those fans that count down the days before the release of Star Wars Episode VIII, the brand Propel have created quite a few unique toys for you that can be the perfect gift for Christmas!

Ever since the saga began, the amount of murch sold has grown exponentially! You have probably seen a ton of products, but now you can even become a real pilot of one of the most iconic spaceships!

The partnership between Disney, Lucasfilm and Propel has lead to a new line of Star Wars drones that will surely get fans excited. Whether you are a DJI fan or just one of those willing to pick up their new flying toy and go outside for a flight, then these drones will surely grab your attention.


The 3 drone models we have on the market are:

The Millennium Falcon drone has been set for release in the summer of 2018.  

All the models are handpainted, designed and packed with a high attention to the details. The most significant is Propel’s reverse-propulsion system. It is designed in a way that propellers sit beneath the drone itself. The rotor blades are transparent and everything additional is smartly incorporated into the design so these drones look as close as possible to their big movie originals.

The initial batch of drones are badged as collector’s editions. This means that they are individually numbered, hand painted and come in a special display case.


What are the package advantages?

The whole fan experience begins with the package. Boxes are wax-sealed and have a small embossed 3D model of the drone itself.

When you remove the wax seal and lift the top part of the box, you will hear the Star Wars theme playing through a built in speaker and the entire upper part will lit up. In addition, you have 6 different themes rotating every time you open the box. The packaging itself can act as a display case for your spacеship, You can also recharge both lights and speaker using the same charger meant for the drone’s battery.

If you want to give yourself or friends a special present, this Star Wars collection drones are the perfect choice.


Design Ideas and Solutions

All of the 3 models are lightweight and made of polypropylene so they can survive bumps and small crashes but still remain unharmed. In addition, all of the models come with enough spare parts so you can easily get your drone repaired and ready for battle in no time!

In order to turn the famous ships into drones Propel had to solve quite a few aerodynamic and engineering obstacles. With their carefully crafted drones you have 7-8 minutes of flying time with a single battery.

As these toy drones are created for both indoor and outdoor usage, developers have limited their  speed so you don’t crash your spaceship into a wall going at its maximum of 30 MPH!

You can set your speed settings to one of 3 levels, ranging from beginners to intermediate and  advanced. Also with the push of a single button, you can pull out a flip. The team of designers has done a great job by making possible the 360-degree stunts that these ships are famous for!

On top of the high-pitched whirr of the drones, the controller itself plays distinctive sounds, themes and quotes from the saga that will surely send you right into the famous battle scenes.

Sound effects and music do an amazing job at recreating the Star Wars universe. The famous laser-blasts make the experience absolutely complete. Each spaceship has a different soundtrack and dialogue clips. The controller plays voice snippets from Sheev Palpatine, as well as audio indications when you hit and get hit.

The mobile app shows your score, so you can have your phone mounted to the controller and stay on top of all battle stats. To keep your data up to date as fast as possible, the controller uses a 2.4GHz wireless connection while drones themselves transmit nearby information via the light spectrum. Another innovation for the controllers is the usage of a 100x faster than the traditional “WiFi” connection called  “LiFi”.


There is a teaching app to help you train!

These drones are made not only for experienced users, so that’s why Propel designed a free mobile app to fly a virtual drone with several missions to teach everybody the basics.

You can run the app simulator on your phone by using the actual controller. A virtual copy of your drone will appear on the screen and you will be ready to start. The app has various missions to teach you new manoeuvres. It replicates the bouncy real-world movement of the actual drones according to the corresponding movie scenes. The app is designed to track your progress and as soon as you start fighting, you can earn points for the Rebel Alliance or Imperial forces and thus be part of the global leaderboard of drone pilots.


What is the T-Mode?

For all the enthusiast unfamiliar with drones, the company has developed the T-mode. It puts an invisible protective barrier around the drone. There’s a fixed ceiling height of about six feet, which means the drone won’t fly away. It won’t crash to the ground either, but stay about a meter above.

In addition, if the drone hit something or flip upside, it knows to turn itself around to avoid further damage. It is called “Intelligent Awareness Technology”.


Enjoy the wide range of battle options!

All 3 models are equipped with IR sensors that can be used for ‘battles’ between other drones from this series – 12 in total.

With this feature, you can recreate some famous battle scenes from the series and experience what it’s like to control a Star Wars spaceship. The controller display will show you various indications, such as how many lives you have left – up to 3, number ammo and etc. Take three hits and your drone takes a semi-controlled crash back to the ground.


Fly and control experience

The toy drones are capable of firing laser shots at each other while battling. Up to 12 drones can fight each other at once. They interact with each other, counting down how many lives each has left when hit.

You can stage massive battles across the skies with the each drones’ IR battling system. And you can recreate the Death Star battle along the meridian trench.

Basically, you have three lives, and when you’re hit a third time the drone falls from the sky. Each Battle Quad goes from 0-30 mph in three seconds.

As well as swooping and speeding around in the sky, the drones can pull off corkscrew rolls as well. With a single touch of the shoulder buttons on the controller and the drone will flip.



So to summarise, these drones are superb and certainly represent good value for money. Star Wars fans will love the detail on each drone and will no doubt suit collectors needs too. The battle tournaments  and companion training app system also add further interest and value to these gadgets. Propel has created a line of drones that are awesome for both drones enthusiasts, and for Star Wars fans. You can fly both indoors and outdoors and the sound effects are a very nice addition. to the whole experience. And you get all this packed in a display box with attractive 3D details, music and light effects!



  1. The galaxies must have fallen into perfect setup!
    This is like a dream come true for an ordinary person (like me) who loves both drones and Star Wars.

    The best thing about this little battle drone is the ability of fighting against other battle drones – how cool it must be to fight with drones with Star Wars music in the background! That would be a great video, of course filmed from a drone.

    I already know where majority of my Christmas gift budget will go after reading this article Issabel 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comment Bryan. Rcstate did a great job with the best drones reviews article!
    You are absolutely right that the coolest feature is the fighting ability! I already saw some great videos showing these drones in action. But would be a great update, all of them to be equipped with cameras. I think that the training app is also a great idea and gives 30+ missions to complete.

  3. Thanks Joseph,
    The music and the sound effects add a lot to the atmosphere. They may not be loud enough but are a great feature for all the fans out there 😉 Also, you can hear the Lord Vader tempting you to the dark side!


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